Video: Little kid OWNS Dance Central

CVG: Ever paused a game with YOUR FEET?

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Wizziokid2707d ago

"Ever paused a game with YOUR FEET?"
classic lol

Christopher2707d ago

For all that, he was messing up a lot in the game (shown by the flashing red limbs in the game).

talltony2706d ago

They said little kid owns dance central but its obviously just hiphop gamer.

Zir02707d ago

Come to think about it how do you even pause Kinect games anyway?

Im guessing the game paused here because he did a position which wasn't expected (like no feet on the ground) or he was out of range.

The Meerkat2707d ago

It also works with voice controls.

You could just say "Pause"

GodsHand2707d ago

You say red light of death to pause, then green light of life to continue.

IneedWeed2707d ago

Damn it. Is it Justin Beiber advertising Kinect again? I think I've been seeing the same dance moves over and over for Dance Central and on different songs. This is Kinect's only Killer App sadly.

Wizziokid2707d ago

no it's not Justin Beiber and those are different dance moves.

The Meerkat2707d ago

As fun as I think the game may be.

I still wanted to slap that little kid.

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The story is too old to be commented.