Kinect Fail at Gamescom - Embarrassing Error Shown in A Video

A new video shows an embarrassing Kinect error at Gamescom.

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Wizziokid2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

it's funny how flaimbait like this get approved straight away, wrong title for article just to attract fanboys.

it's apparent that people see the headline and comment without reading the article or watching the video, the console crash it was nothing to do with Kinect.

Good job N4G.

GrieverSoul2956d ago

I remember a "giant crab incident" that even youtube videos got approved!

Karma is a bitch!

DSI2956d ago

It looked more to me like the 360 froze. Whose to say it was Kinect and not the 360 being locked up.

despair2955d ago


thats what I think, the screen was frozen which means the xbox probably froze, its happens from time to time with every console, doesn't mean kinect had the error just the 360

Valkyre2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

^^ how is the title wrong? Kinect failed at this event in gamescom... the video is clear.

Wizziokid2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

console crashed, you sure you watched the right video?

@below, Could have been a little intro to the bowling game when it crashed, not hard to think about really.

MGOelite2956d ago

what about the 100ft avatar??

tplarkin72956d ago

There was a crash of some kind. It was probably a bug in the software. This article is worthless.

Hades13372956d ago

Funny how you get disagrees for stating facts.

It's also funny how Kinect gets torn apart because of bugs and glitches, yet GT5 is excused for bugs and glitches because it's not finished. Well here is some news for you guys, they both come out in the same month!

Hypocrisy at it's finest.

IRetrouk2956d ago

what bugs and glitches does gt5 have?

xX-PEIN-Xx2956d ago

Yeah I'd like to know what bugs and glitches you found in GT5 as well...

Skizelli2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Bad pop-up and really retarded AI from what I've seen. This coming from a fan by the way, not a fanboy trying to bash it. Funny how the fanboys are all quick to defend it, though. Always a 1-sided coin with you guys.

IRetrouk2956d ago

pop up, what you mean is that 1 missing texture from a demo of gt5 thats not used to show the game any more dont you, cause theres no pop up in gt, as for the ai , it has been reworked as is evident if you look at the new vids.

Skizelli2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

I swear, fanboys are dumber than a brick. What part of "This coming from a fan" did you not understand? No need to get defensive over a game that's not even out yet.

One missing texture that we know of. Do you know for a fact that it was fixed? Probably not. And how exactly has the AI been reworked? Please show me. Every video I've seen of someone spinning out clearly shows the AI running into them and/or trying to go through them rather than around them. It's like they're not even aware of your presence on the track.

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Lord_Doggington2956d ago

uh,that's it? the console just froze. that happens to every console every once in a while.

this article is lame as heck

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Raiz2956d ago

lolz !!! embarrassing, that too at event like gamescom.

BlackBusterCritic2956d ago


Microsoft hasnt shown me a SINGLE GAME on Kinect that works 100%. Its one of the saddest moves I've ever seen a company make. Nintendo passed up on Natal Tech, and so did Sony. But hey, Microsoft is into hardware that doesnt work.

KMxRetro2956d ago

Yeah, you're right. Sony didn't release the EyeToy or the PSEye that only supported one incredibly bad card game and a virtual pet "game", did they?

Off I go to wait for my PS3 to take another hour to download another 20mb patch for a game over my 50mb fibre connection. Wait...that can't be everything they've ever made works just fine, right?

xX-PEIN-Xx2956d ago Show
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bilbobob2955d ago

PS3 downloads that slow you need to get in touch with your I.S.P. I got crap B.T 8mb and its never that slow.

Sorry I forgot, There is slow then there is Fanboy slow. Dont tell me your Xbox is fine I guess. What a shocker.

lonix2956d ago

Albeit intermittently

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