Tesco Launches Trade-In Service Nationally

Tesco has spoken to IncGamers about the nationwide trade-in programme that the supermarket is offering.

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Dorjan3009d ago

They are trying to do everything...

Maticus3009d ago

Tesco will end up being the UKs town centres. We won't need anything else.

syrinx3009d ago

TESCO will rule the world, no seriously they will :)

Vip3r3009d ago

Nice. It's about time more places did trade-ins.

ian723009d ago

I get most of my new games from Tesco. They sell new games at a cheaper price than game shops and after only a couple of weeks they become cheaper still, sometimes up to half the price.
I got the new PoP for £15 two weeks ago, and Blur for £25 the week before that.
I also go to other supermarkets and sometimes you can get some great deals on games there. I got Split Second for only £25 from another supermarket.