Call of Duty: Black Ops PC getting mod tools after release

It looks like the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops will be much more friendly to PC gamers than Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Developer Treyarch has already confirmed that the PC port of the upcoming first person shooter will support dedicated servers for PC multiplayer matches. Now the developer has confirmed via its message boards that it will release mod tools for the game as well.

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Letros3037d ago

Dedicated servers and mod tools, someone took notes...

xYLeinen3037d ago

Hehe. Looks like PC players are getting what they wanted in MW2. It's important that developers listen to their consumers imo and Treyarch is doing a great job so far.

0mega43037d ago

be able to compete with the mods of valve titles

Active Reload3036d ago

There isn't a need to compete. Just play the games.

LunaticBrandon3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Wow, this changes my thoughts on Black Ops. I wouldn't be getting it for PC, but the fact they are doing this means they obviously care and the game might be much better than expected.

BlackBusterCritic3037d ago

They seem to care a lot more about us PC gamers than Infinity Ward. I am actually considering buying this title now! MW2 was one of the biggest disappointments to be added to my library, but hopefully Black Ops will make up for it.

GrilledCheeseBook3036d ago

now the hope for no $15 dollar DLC

mrcash3036d ago

thats not their call....

Nuclearwinter3036d ago

With mod tools, I'm sure there would be some one talented enough to make almost any map that they would charge for. So even if they do try to gouge their players with a ridiculous map pack, the community will just copy it for free.

tdrules3036d ago

they removed these features, don't praise them for putting back what should always have been there

Kyle12123036d ago

No, Infinity Ward removed them, Treyarch never did.

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The story is too old to be commented.