MS quiet on new Halo beta

Microsoft has remained quiet on rumours that another Halo 3 beta test is currently getting under way.

Word spread after keen-eyed Live gamers spotted others playing something called Halo 3 Epsilon, supposedly later confirmed as a new build of the title by an unhelpfully anonymous email.

According to the mysterious note, Epsilon will let you battle across six multiplayer maps, play custom games, enjoy a single co-operative campaign level, use the Forge feature and get to tinker with the full Saved Film functionality.

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akaFullMetal4020d ago

if they are still releasing another beta, doesnt that mean the game wont make its sept release date then???

caffman4020d ago

available for free off xbox live! Woo hoo! Going to download bioshock when I get home!

Lakuspakus4020d ago

They have confirmed this:
The Beta we have already had, were the last Public Beta, and there won't be a Demo. Atleast not for a very long time.

Love the crazy rumors these days. They have no base in reality.

SuperSaiyan44020d ago

Within Bungie and Microsoft.

Lets all just hold on until September guys in the mean time enjoy Bioshock demo on the 360 and the full game next Friday along with other games ;-)

JokesOnYou4020d ago

Theres not going to be another public beta but of course some will believe any rumor thats whispered on the internet.

iceice1234020d ago

Build. The take home test version to catch any last bugs. Not a new "Beta"-wrong thing to call it anyway.

fjtorres4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

You hardly see it these days because schedules are so unrealistic but in a properly managed software development effort you actually test out the finished product before declaring it gold and sending it out.
The last few reports from Bungie said the game was 99% done and they were just polishing up. Probably doing final tweaks on graphics before deciding to lock the frame rate at 60 or 30.
They should be hitting Gold and sending out the RTM version in the next week or so.

calderra4020d ago

That's why it's called Epsilon, right? lol.
Seriously, though, per Kotaku's story on this issue, there was even an internal "delta" test, and that wasn't at all public.

This likely isn't "final" playtesting, though I'm sure they are looking at potential release candidates.

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