Realtime Worlds re-hire 23 staff

VG247 Writes:

Administrators for games developer Realtime Worlds have announced that 23 members of the 60-strong Dundee team working on the company’s MyWorld 3D project who were all made redundant earlier this month have been re-employed.

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jay22978d ago

So just maybe Realtime Worlds will bounce back under new managment very soon, I'm still scared on the fate of APB regardless on what they say.

Bluemaster772978d ago

Lets hope they have learned not to sink time and talent into pointless IPs

Persistantthug2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Why in the world would you make a GTA'ish type game, that's essentially a "console'ish" game,

And then NOT put it on a console?

Who in the hell told these guys that was a good freakin idea?

The game had stinkola written on it by default.