Valve: PS3 "incredibly important to us"

CVG: Steam will help bring PS3 users "Valve experience", says Johnson

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FangBlade3036d ago ShowReplies(7)
Wizziokid3036d ago

Valve how you surprise us, last year you where singing a completely different tune, but I'm glad to see the steam service move onto consoles, it great.

0mega43036d ago

has really changed there attitude recently

i think it probably has to due with pressure with ea as there publisher

i mean we even have steam on macs

its nice to see value expanding on there horizon and they will be even more profitable by doing so

RememberThe3573036d ago

Money is very mind opening when it's thrown the right places. They can gain a lot from tapping the PlayStation and Mac bases just like they did with the Xbox base.

edhe3035d ago

Indeed - the ps3 eventually hit the critical mass and so valve believed it was worth the effort of investing.

If sony stay with cell tech for the next console then their decision will be vindicated, if they change to some other tech and the cell goes bye-bye then their prior stance will have been vindicated and they'll be twice-shy.

HammockGames3035d ago

From distancing themselves from the PS3 as much as possible to making it a priority. Huge change.

But I'm glad Valve is coming along for the ride. They crank out games that I always find myself playing.

0mega43036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

this is great news that developers are finally up to the challenge of developing for the ps3 and embracing the ps3

"developer feels it's mistreated PS3 users in the past"
i give props to them from owning up to there mistake and righting there wrongs

now if valve can only expand there market even more
and add L4D to the ps3

then even more people will get a chance to enjoy one of there best titles

mastiffchild3035d ago

No. L4D on 360 is a bit of a sick joke compared to it's full glory on the PC. I'm a massive Valve fan and, usually, a fan of online gaming on the two HD consoles(I find it a more level playing field than PC these days-same tech, same pad/controller 90% of the time etc)but I think Valve's ports to the 360 have been sub standard this gen and only got away with it because 1, the Orange box on PS3 was SO poorly done and because Gabe and his outbursts convinced a lot of watchers and MS zealots that they were on the 360's side-but the quality of the ports never proved it, not for me, and L4D is the worst one.

With no SP to speak of the most glaring ommision for the 360 version was mods not being allowed. In most cases a game can get away without them on consoles because there's still a big package there but L4D on the original routes gets old real quick. Allied to this big loss there's the lower quality(in every respect and a bigger gap from PC to 360 than that engine should really show up, imho), reduced dev and community support and it costs so much more on 360 as well.

Yeah, the bare bones of a great game are there but I felt conned paying twice as much for my 360 version for half as much-in every way. If Valve don't improve the quality of their console ports most gamers, imho, are way better off sticking with them on PC where they remain kings of the roost and a company to really admire in many ways(timekeeping apart)and PS3 fans should check before they celebrate and 360 counterprts should check before they feel it's any kind of loss. To me Valve ar e yet to show they care at all about ANY console and that's the big change I want to see from now on and not just on PS3 but a better deal for all their console gamers. They offer amazing value on PC but, to me, the same's never been true on a console and til they back these words up with better ports and better console support they remain cheap, easy words.

S, yeah, Valve should bring great games like the two L4Ds to PS3 but they should really be much more like the PC than the 360 versions which should, while they're at it, be fixed up too. My worry is that this is an EA based decision and as such Valve will continue to not put their heart into console development-don't be fooled into feeling Valve care about gamers on consoles as anything other than, so far, an easy way to make lazy cash -at least not til there's a little evidence to support that kind of position.

L4D(and TF2) are among the only online games I still play on my rig even ages after release but I was bored and frustrated with the console version on 360(no fault of MS' platform whatsoever)within a couple of short weeks because of the choices made by Valve-I just want them to treat us all with the same respect, that's all.

Cloudberry3036d ago

I never actually played Valve's games in whole.

I've played Left 4 Dead 2 on my 360, and I could see why it's a great game & Valve as the developers, in my opinion.


FPSs are not my kind of games, although I also played Killzone 2.

Fishy Fingers3036d ago

I've yet to see an interview ask what I think is a big thing considering the consoles and that's mod support. Is it something Valve have thought about and is there any possibility of it happen? It's a huge part of owning anything Valve and one reason they have such a strong PC following, of course creating some of the best games out there helps too :)

RememberThe3573036d ago

Unreal Tournament 3 did it right? I don't see way Valve couldn't do it if Epic could.

jay23036d ago

Yep, UT3 did it, so don't be suprised if Mods are in on PS3. Infact, be supried if their NOT.

HammockGames3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Could be one of the reasons they've shifted.

Valve is a lot like Epic and wants their mod community to thrive.

Sony seems to foster mod support whereas Microsoft drew a firm line. It becomes a no brainer when weighing open vs. closed platform in that context. You'd think that would have to factor in there somewhere.

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