Gran Turismo 5 Bug Caught On Video: Invisible Walls?

A video has emerged that shows a strange scene from Gran Turismo 5. At the end of the video at 01:21, the player leaves the track and ... WTF?

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Square3010d ago

oO I knew the game wasn't perfect!

FiftyFourPointTwo3010d ago

What month is it now? August. When is the game due? November.

Can't we all just wait for the finished product?

Dance3010d ago

some of you would have a field day

pustulio3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

No please No, Not again.

I think is the same website that submitted the other "nasty" GT5 glitch.

Why the disagrees? Is not the same website? Or what? Oh i see.

Guys what i mean is that why everyone is hating on a game that has not been released yet? Wait till the final product! right now is in development and it's quite normal to see a glitch.

HoltzHolzt3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

No, it's not the same site and I think this bug is much worse. Imagine driving beside the track and hitting this thing.

Hades13373010d ago

People criticise other games for stuff like this before they are released, why should GT5 get special treatment?

Why o why3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

dude....'they' need this...let em have it unfinished or not its what some of them need

zeeshan3010d ago

Oh no please leave that glitch in the final build! I don't want GT to pull an Inception on me. I want to know that this is a game that I am playing and not real life!!!!

3010d ago
TotalPS3Fanboy3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

have invisible walls (usually in the form of fence, cliff, steep slope, etc, to prevent the gamer from going where he is not suppose to go. Due to the nature of games, there is no way to recreate the whole world inside a game. There will always be limitations and boundaries on where the gamer can go.

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Akagi3010d ago

But Uncharted 2 is pretty damn close.

LiquifiedArt3010d ago

Thats a normal collision boundary. The Top gear track was an airport landing strip. It serves GT no purpose to allow cars to drive all over the track.

They need to keep the cars in the lines of the race track otherwise someone could cheat like crazy.

You guys need to re-evaluate what you call 'bugs'.

Dee_913009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

.. i was hoping they would put something up because i knew those open fields would be a problem

vhero3010d ago

This is like the 10th article this week on GT negativity.. Somebody scared of GT and rightly so.

J-Smith3010d ago

keep b!tching internet sites, there is nothing you can do or say that will stop GT5 being brilliant :P

EvilBlackCat3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

If i troll about this then i will be the bad guy right?

But when you go back in time remembering of all those trolls in every Forza 3 article/news trolling about some glitches on Forza 3 is so difficult to hold... ahhh what goes around comes around.

Perfection needs time and delays.

Ohhh !!! GT5 is sooooooooo reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaal!

MRMagoo1233009d ago

waaaaaaa! QQ we 360 dicks got teased waaaaaaa! cry more its funny pls pls do.

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zeksta3010d ago

Seriously, bash a game that hasn't been released yet, people at this website must have no life, their bashing a build of the game that no one knows how old is.

Seriously, if your going to bash the game, find something that's actually a "BUG" and at least worth making a bit of a fuss over, otherwise, cut the crap and stfu till the game is out!

n4gno3010d ago

You have to understand them, they are really desperated, all that they said, move in the opposite way, and they have praticly no AAA exclusives since more than 2 years...

Hades13373010d ago

But it's alright to bash Kinect for being buggy, even though that is a few months from release.

vhero3010d ago

Kinect is already in Mass Production ready for sale. It is a finished product as is PS Move.. GT 5 isn't.. Kinect takes a long time to manufacture compared to a blu-ray game thus they need to start early. MS have already acknowledged the design sent out for latest reviews is the final product. I mean if it wasn't finished yet MS would struggle getting out to market on time.

cobraagent3010d ago

Instead of putting a tyre wall there(that is not in the real track), they put invinsible walls. What's the big deal??

karatechoplifter3010d ago

Would these guys rather you be able to keep driving until you end up in Leeds?

Petro3010d ago

Indeed its no bug. But they could move it maybe a meter further away from the road... Anyway I'm not planning on driving on the grass.

Fishy Fingers3010d ago

A bug in an unfinished game? Whatever next, before you know it developers will be releasing patches post launch. It hasn't happened yet, but my god, what a dark day for the industry when it finally does.

Anyway... Back to COD...

Chuk_Chuk3010d ago

I can see why they posted this here beacause it would be annoying in the full release but surely it is a smarter idea to send this video to PD telling them the track and car been used so that they can look in to it and sort it out

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