Driver: San Francisco: First Real Gameplay Footage Emerged

A new video of Driver: San Francisco shows real gameplay footage of Ubisoft's upcoming action racer.

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r0gueZA2923d ago

ooh I am dying to see if they can get this game back to its former glory

pr0digyZA2923d ago

I also hope so it went to much down the gta path with the later games.

iceman062923d ago

With the first two games! This one looks good. I am a bit worried that the switching mechanic will make it too easy or take away some of what made the Driver series so good...the chases. Man, I used to love those chases! I'm cautiously optimistic!

DarkSpawnClone2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

i see what your saying but it might be fun , hope the release a demo so we can test it out...i use to love to make crashes in Driver Rofl pile up all the cars and stop traffic ..i remember that game use to have a lot of glitches too tho, on the last level of driver glitched right in to a wall and couldn't get out LOL i think i lost the cops that way once and beat a lvl haha..that was one of the best games on the ps1 imo

DarkSpawnClone2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

that guy switches cars to much..he has No skill...its vary annoying to watch him play like that.

ProjectVulcan2923d ago

He finds a Mclaren MP4-12C...if he cant keep up in that then all hope is lost lol

nevin12923d ago

Y the hell these PS1 games aren't on the PSN?

Bloodyghost2923d ago

Surprisingly I loved the Driv3r game.

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