Halo Reach: Forging old worlds (Halo 2 vs Reach comparison video)

Msxbox-world compare Halo 2's Ascension with the remade version in Halo Reach in this video.

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Wizziokid3012d ago

I wonder how many old maps will be remade with this, people are going to go crazy

SixZeroFour3012d ago

there were 4 remade maps on forge world trailer and i heard all those were going to be on shipped game, as well as the ivory tower so far 5 remade

i would expect blood gulch to be remade as well cause it was remade along side blood gulch in halo 2...but even if its not, im sure there will be plenty in the community attempting to remake every halo multiplayer map

i personally want to attempt to remake the goldeneye 64 lvl that was also in perfect dark...complex, seems simple enough

SixZeroFour3012d ago

and thats a great comparison vid, it shows the similarities in layout while at the same time showing the graphical difference...anyone who HONESTLY says that reach graphics dont look that much different from the other halo games should get their eyes checked

it seems as tho there are going to be many maps shipping with the game, not 10-12 like halo 3, cause there are some gametype-specific maps (ie invasion, race, firefight) there are going to be forge world maps (made by bungie), remade maps, campaign maps, race maps...really looking forward to this game

matchmaking for campaign, multiplayer, firefight etc, means that even if my friends get bored of halo (cause they usually do before me) ill still have random ppl to rely on...25 or so days left

bunt-custardly3012d ago

Looks cool. It's interesting also that Bungie have made many of these maps in Forge World itself, as opposed to doing them on PC (at least that's what they said in a previous Vidoc or two back).

Should be some good stuff, and obviously a lot of tripe, that comes from this. Meh, game is gold, they should just ship it already! ;)