Brink Is The Breakthrough That Makes 2011 Feel So Far Away

Kotaku: Brink is a first-person team shooter set on an advanced seaborne city of the future. You can play it solo or with up to eight players against either others. It's one of those modern games that seamlessly transitions from singleplayer to multiplayer.

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Kurt Russell3040d ago

Looks great... but then I've heard hype before.

goflyakite3040d ago

I love everything about this game so far.

TONS of customization for your character/weapon/skills. Awesome art direction. The whole single player/co-op/versus all integrated into one. Cool Mirrors Edge type thing going on.

I just need to see if it plays well.

Kurt Russell3040d ago

Don;t get me wrong - it really does look amazing, but I will wait before getting excited as sometimes things don't work out!

chak_3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

I don't know.

Not that I don't want to play it to test it out, but it looks slow, and generic gameplay-wise.

I think the SMART is a gimmick as some sites says

looks gorgeous though

Darkfiber3040d ago

Pssh, another shooter. But ohh you can slide under stuff, that makes it a breakthrough! No, that makes it a gimmick.