Comic book story arcs that would make great video games (part 2)

Go!GamingGiant- "Comic book fever has not left the cinemas yet and by extension, they have not left the consoles either. Most recently Scott Pilgrim vs. the World has found its way into video game land and is currently receiving decent scores on the PS3. Since video game developers are continually looking for comic book adaptations, G3 would like to list some comic book story arcs that would make interesting games because of in depth story lines and awesome action sequences."

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Murgatroyd73010d ago

I think 100 Bullets could make an interesting game. Hmm, perhaps we'll get one when the movie comes out.

omicron0093010d ago

There some great stories in comics I'd love to see made into games or movies. The Green Lantern I always thought would be good for a video game.

RaymondM3010d ago

unfortunately, I've never read 100 bullets. However, I hear good things about it and its on my to do list.
And yes, the Green Lantern would make an amazing game, im sure we'll get one when the movie comes out