OXCGN’s Hydro Thunder Hurricane XBLA Review


"It’s interesting to note that out of the 300+ titles released on the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace since 2005, not one can be placed into the category of ‘water racer’ or anything near it.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane has splashed down to fill that void nicely and not only will it satiate fans of aquatic mayhem, it’s simply a darn fine racing title in its own right."

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gaminoz2954d ago

This game really does look fun, but the review mentions that you need to really look out for the short cuts. I remember Star Wars Pod Racer for the 64 and it could get frustrating if you didn't get it just right.

I wonder if that'd be the case here too. But it does look really fun.

BadCircuit2954d ago

It looks great, but I'm not sure about the price: you can get the Lara Croft game for that and it looks a bit deeper...

DelbertGrady2954d ago

That's what I'm thinking. I'va played Hydro Thunder and it's a great game, but the Tomb Raider trial demo knocked me off my feet. And I'm not even a TR fan. Seems like Crystal Dynamics nailed it with this one :)

Belgavion2954d ago

For the longevity of the game the price is probably a tad high. Then again, Limbo is much shorter. Personally, I've easily gotten 1200 points of fun out of it

cornfedgamer2954d ago

Hydro Thunder is a classic. I remember pod racer too. I bought it the day it came out, right after I saw phantom menace.