5 Reasons Why Free to Play is the Wave of the Future

When it comes to games, people don't want to buy the game, then pay to play it. The future of gaming, or more generally the future of MMOs is in free to play, but if you don't believe me just look at some of the company models that use to be pay to play. Now here are 5 reasons why free to play is the wave of the future.

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Myst2986d ago

Free to play is certainly something and is great when games that were subscription based turn to free to play. Example Dungeons and Dragons online, played it when it first came out thought it was already and now it's free to play with premium content I believe? Either way I could go back and play that. Hopefully the servers are a somewhat packed since it's free.

One game I'd like to see either drop in subscription price or become free to play is Final Fantasy XI. I know there are some new people joining [or rejoining like I did], but the thing that sunk it cold for me was seeing the dunes almost completely barren. Save for one party if it could even be called that consisting of at least three or four people.

Either way free to play is nice specially for games that require you to pay for the disc and expansions. Yet some people seem to say the subscription fees help pay for something [forgot what] so not sure what side of the fence to be on this one. I do love free stuff, but if it helps the gears of the game stay well oiled to pay so I can enjoy then I guess I would pay. If it can remain free without having a hitch then all for that to.

EYEamNUMBER12986d ago

so tell me gents i hear a few pay to play games are going free to play
any out there i should keep my eye on?

Myst2986d ago

To be perfectly honest with you I'm not sure which games are going to become free to play. If I had a list of several games that were I may be able to give my insight on them.

As I typed this out I was doing a search, perhaps I utilized the wrong string of words though I did find EQ II was going free to play. It is certainly one I would perhaps move back to.

romalias22986d ago

I never got to play FFXI because I refused to pay a monthly fee for a game... I'm sure it's great, and I'm eagerly anticipating it's release as F2P, but it may never come unfortunately...

romalias22986d ago

Well lets all hope that WOW goes F2P... I doubt it but we can hope. I never really liked WOW though.

Everquest 2 is one of the games that's moving to F2P.

Atlus online has 2 free to plays out now though neither was ever a P2P game.

there are rumors Lineage 2 is going F2P.

Perhaps we will get lucky and square will pull that wad of cash out their *** and open up FFXI as F2P since they are releasing XIV soon. Those are the ones I easily found through a google search ;)

Myst2986d ago

Personally don't see WoW going free due to the success it has claimed and people willing to pay for it along with it's expansions. It would probably take another blizzard MMO to knock WoW even into an inch of blizzard's consideration to think about WoW going free to play.

Everquest 2 is certainly a good one, played a little bit before it was free to play and now that it's going to free I'd probably reinstall it.

If Lineage joins the ranks that would be awesome.

Honestly from what Square is doing now with XI and XIV it does seem plausible. The fact that they are reducing the price to 7.00 if you subscribe to XIV makes me think that maybe it isn't to far off. Though since it only lasts until January I'm not to sure anymore.

despair2986d ago

I hate Free to Play, at least with Monthly subscriptions you know what you spend each month and have access to the entire game. But with F2P you are very limited in what you can do unless you purchase a lot of crap and its who spends the most usually has the best characters, so even PvP is ruined.

micro-transactions is the worst idea since DRM.