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Kurt Russell2674d ago

GT5 doesn't have a damage model... It doesn't even exist. It's a game that gets dangled in front of everyone's noses only to be delayed again and again! :/

thereapersson2674d ago

off-topic trolling, as usual...

Valkyre2674d ago

GT5 damage model is better!!oneone11!!!1one!!!1!!! one!!!

There you go...

thereapersson2674d ago

Uh, you're off-topic too. What does GT:5 have to do with this F1 game?

Darkspade2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Is it me or was the Wrong Tire Flying off?

I'm Likely it though cant wait

cobraagent2674d ago

Anyway, Vettel for the win.

kasasensei2674d ago

This game seems to have a good damage model.

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