Call of Duty: Black Ops details

Check out a few details about Call of Duty: Black Ops on Wii.

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Valay3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

I've really disliked how Activision handles their media coverage of Call of Duty on Wii. I mean, on DS, there have already been numerous impressions and screnshots released. It's not like Treyarch does a bad job with the Wii anyway... They just like to act like the Wii title doesn't exist.

0mega43013d ago

had no clue a wii supported black ops was coming out.

hope they keep those controls balanced

i mean its easy enough to commando knife already on the controller
with a gesture could see it getting out of hand

jazzking20013013d ago

- Game will not support the Classic Controller
a few head will roll lol

-Mezzo-3013d ago

I hope this is properly word on Game no some after thought & thumbs Up if you came in here hoping this was news related to PS3,Xbox 360 & PC version of the game. lol

Shoko3013d ago

I hate how they're always so quiet about the Wii versions. Keep this up, and people will just flock to Conduit 2 and Goldeneye 007

KwietStorm3013d ago

I'm not sure they really care. I know Call of Duty is a beast in sales generally speaking, but does it sell well on the Wii? And isn't Activision doing Goldeneye too?

Sigh3013d ago

so wii isn't getting modern warfare 2?

Shoko3012d ago

You failure. That pic was a very old pic from when they first ported the game over. That was before they actually started doing graphical enhancements and further adjusting the engine to better run on the Wii. If you would actually look something up, you'd know that the final game looks NOTHING like that.