Top 5 Most Difficult Bronze Trophies

Trophies are what drive many gamers to complete some easy and difficult challenges. I'm sure all of us Trophy Hunters have had those trophies we have obtained easily with no effort. However, we have all had some challenging obstacles as well. And for some of these difficult tasks, we get rewarded poorly. Let's take a look at some of the hardest and most time consuming bronze trophies the PS3 has to offer!

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Playerz83038d ago

I hate bronze trophies.

TheLastGuardian3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

I love them all. I think the harder they are the more excited you are when you get it. Everytime I get a platinum I go fucking nutz.

xWaaavy-3038d ago

Yeah dude same here it's like an instant orgasm.

Aggesan3038d ago

That sounds like fun :-) Too bad I've never experienced it. I got the Valor Citation trophy from Killzone 2 though. Btw, it's not at all as hard to get as this article makes it out to be. The "I Am Bad Company!"-trophy is a LOT tougher to get.

pustulio3038d ago

I just raise my hands and start yielling: "FUCK YES! FUCK YES! YES! WOHOO!"

Same thing with the last Achievement on Xbox.

gamerzBEreal173038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

infamous had some tuff ones
why the dissagree?
i would like to see you get 100% of the shards travel 25 kilometers on train rails
kill 25 enemies while on a moving train
100 high falls
50 sticky grenades
heal 250 pedestrians

TheLastGuardian3038d ago

I disagreed because I have the inFAMOUS platinum and it was one of my easier platinums. It took me a month but it was just time consuming. The only ones I consider hard were Rockhound and Stunt master.

Beefstew4u3038d ago

****ing blast shards. And the trophy for doing all of the special moves.

despair3038d ago

100% shards are just long not hard and all the others you mentioned come naturally as you play, those are some of the easier trophies.

JobForARockStar3038d ago

Infamous is VERY time consuming. I'm personally working on it now. 6 blast shards left :) Also some of the stunts are a bitch. I'm stuck on 16 right now.

gamerzBEreal173038d ago

well u probably havn't gotten alot of easy trophies then just got madden11 2 days ago and i need 1 more to plat lol

dragon823038d ago

inFamous is one of the easier platinums out there. If you are even halfway good at the game it shouldn't take much more than a week or two to get platinum.

metsgaming3038d ago

im missing 1 shard !!!!! I cant figure out where it could be.

InfectedDK3038d ago

People should not forget PAIN and Super Stardust HD for example..

A Cupcake for Gabe3038d ago

I am missing one shard in inFAMOUS, and one stunt- high fall kill 3 dudes, I can't find where to do it

STONEY43038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

I remember being stuck one 1 shard for about 2 hours, then accidently dying in water. About halfway on my way back to that area, I climbed up a building, and voila the shard was on the side of the building. And the radar wouldn't show it because I think there was a dead drop or something over it on the radar. I would've never found it D:

jerethdagryphon3038d ago

ok then check my trophy card at

cause infamous was easy all of it

sonic unleashed is hard at elast the hot dog missions

sorceror1713038d ago

@Cupcake - If you don't get it early on, it's very hard to get that 3 high-fall stunt. Enemies on rooftops thin out. Thankfully, if you search a bit on Youtube you can find a video showing how to summon enemies at one spot on the train tracks. A couple tries and you should get that stunt.

Redempteur3038d ago

infamous was easy except the blast shard ( that just required some map reading skills)

sonic unleashed eggmanlad trophies were A LOT HARDER than this. eggmanland in less than 15 minutes without dying ?that's ...insane

Bloodraid3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Are you serious?

All of those are easy as hell. I have the platinum for the game.

100% Shards - Just run around and search the whole city. Not hard; just time consuming.

25 Kilometers - Stand on the rails and go around them 5 or 6 times.

Kill 25 enemies while on a moving train - Do this near the beginning of the game.

100 high falls - Climb a small ledge and jump off of it and do a high fall.

50 Sticky Grenades - Run up to an enemy, and hit him with a grenade [As evil? or Good?]

Heal 250 pedestrians - Find a pedestrian on the ground, run up to him, and heal him.


They're not hard at all. If you want HARD trophies, play PAIN. They trump every fucking trophy on this list T_T

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rroded3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

got it bout a month into the game has i recall wasn't that hard
onlines kz2 is a blast spend a couple hours a day for a week or two n youll probably have it.

only at 50% or so for the trophies tho (not really a trophy ho)

TheLastGuardian3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

That's nothing I've played Red Dead Redemption for over 110 hours and still no platinum. I am damn close though just need to level up 7 more times in MP.

badz1493038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

are u serious? SOCOM Confrontation is hands down having the most ridiculous bronze trophies EVER!

danmachine3038d ago

you got that right. i have 0 percent on socom even know i'm actually good at it.

gamerzBEreal173038d ago

yea but that dosen't mean infamous wasn't hard i should know it took me 30 plus hours to platinum it

TheShape1083038d ago

Goddamn those trophies are hard, same as dammachine 0% after many hours. I don't claim to be an expert but I got all the bronzes on this list and none on SOCOM.

Ravenor3038d ago

I only have the no TK one, all the SOCOM trophies are extremely time consuming.

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Playerz83038d ago

There are so many games that have 1 or 2 stubborn trophies that keep you away from a platinum, and when they are bronze trophies, you feel like it's not worth a measly bronze so you don't care. I hate that.

Bloodraid3037d ago

LittleBigPlanet... unless you H4H.

ico923038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

the valor citation trophy is sadistic

Lifendz3038d ago

Demolition Man or Et Tu Brute both from Battlefield Bad Company 2. Demolition Man is maybe the most tedious trophy you'll ever try to get. Basically blowing up building hoping your enemies die in the building's collapse rather than the explosion. And you have to do that 20 times!

Et tu Brute is just as bad. You have to stab a friend 5x. Prob is when a bud joins your game they're automatically placed on your team. You basically have to add a player on the opposing team and hope he/she lets you stab them 5x.

Both are bronze trophies and both were a bish to get.

Makidian3038d ago

I don't mind them so much when they are toward a platinum, but for PSN games with no platinum they suck even more when they are incredibly difficult to achieve.

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kube003038d ago

I don't have the time to invest in these trophies

eggbert3038d ago

about trophies over Gamerscore, that they are ranked. With gamerscore, its all just one big number, whereas with trophies you can just straight away see how many of there trophies are higher tier.

Lifendz3038d ago

Yeah you can brag on your gamerscore just like you can brag on your level in trophies, but with trophies you can right off the bat look at a bud's platinums. How many platinums you have is probably what people look at first when they look at your score. Achievements have no equivilant because, as you said, it's just one big score. Props to MS for bringing the achievement system to consoles, and props to Sony for innovating it.

Omar913038d ago

i rather collect silver and gold trophies but unfortunately you sometimes have no control over obtaining a bronze. not that there bad just idk...

Mmmkay3038d ago

dude, if you play a lot of games you will get a lot of bronze... if you play those games a lot or are good at playing you'll get more silver/gold.. i have like 1800 bronze or something. lol. i don't care.

StarScream4Ever3038d ago

Just got it last night. ABOUT DANG TIME!

Punch-o3038d ago

Im working on that one right now.

HobbsCanuck3038d ago

Sweet. I just need that and "Et tu, brute" to get the platinum. Lol, I got BC2 less than a week ago and I'm 2 trophies away from a plat.