Hey Square-Enix: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Your Last Chance

Square-Enix has given people almost nothing that ranks in the upper stratosphere in the past decade. Sometimes,you just have to face up to facts and accept that the past is never coming back.

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NYC_Gamer2894d ago

Square has made alot of their loyal fans upset this gen

EYEamNUMBER12894d ago

its gonna be their last chance until the next FF game is announced then that will be their last chance LOL

Otheros002894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Your Last Chance to redeem yourself to most of your fans.
Edit: to the disagrees. some people like FFX-FFXIII. that's why I said most.

syrion2894d ago

if SE fail again maybe this is the last game i buy from them !

Natsu X FairyTail2894d ago

and FFXIIIversus will be ass because S-E lost their touch.

Because they keep milking the series and giving unoriginal products. Exclusive to PS3 or not it's going to be ass like Most FF gamaes that came out in the past years.

Namco and Atlus got NEXT they doing a good job with the rpgs.

Lovable2894d ago

Problem with Namco is that they aren't bringing their games to the West.

Atlus's new game isn't even a RPG. It's an action/adventure/horror type of game.

DasBunker2894d ago

they should give the FF brand name a rest.. by putting the FF name on mediocre games they just set expectations hi and wont met them..