30° - Get a FREE copy of Portal, in Europe writes:

Valve and Steam are world renown names for PC and MAC gaming. They are also the leading distribution service and PC platform on the planet at the moment. European gamers will be able to snatch a copy of Portal for free if they use the newly added payment option 'paysafecard' and spent either 20 EUR or GBP on Steam. According to the website the service will soon come to the US.

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DasBunker3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

i wont buy portal 2 then... i'd wait till its free.. :P

mcroddi3037d ago

Pretty good deal to me!

fireplace3036d ago

I already got it for free, when Steam celebrated MAC version ;)

Vip3r3036d ago

Unless you bought it after the deadline, you cleary don't have it for free.

Vip3r3036d ago

It ended on the 24th. After which you had to pay for it.