Top Ten Development Studios Right Now

Gaming Union writes: "We decided to compile a list of the top development studios at the present moment - studios that generate a great deal of anticipation behind their endeavors, and are an influential force in the industry. This list is specifically directed towards individual teams, not publishers (i.e. Nintendo) or multiple teams that produce games under a common label (i.e. Ubisoft Montreal).

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Coramoor_2916d ago

Wouldn't have been my choices but definitely a lot of top tier devs on that list

JDouglasGU2916d ago

who would you choose instead?

Coramoor_2916d ago

i think i would've favoured the unknowns by top tier former studio heads, as quite frankly studios like bungie and insomniac and naughty dog, while they all make great games, they have become sequel factories and i'm just not seeing that hot new thing from a lot of these devs

Danger Close would've been an addition of mine

JDouglasGU2916d ago

naughty dog a sequel factory? come on... also, both bungie and insomniac are working on new IPs, we don't know how inventive they'll be, but at least they're working on something.

Foliage2916d ago

This list is terrible.

These are the clear big hitters, those that push the envelope and actually broaden the industry rather than making more of the same:

Ubisoft Montreal
Bioware Edmonton
Blizzard Entertainment
Guerilla Games
Naughty Dog
Sony Santa Monica
Polyphony Digital
Zipper Interactive

blitz06232916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

After The Last Guardian comes out Team Ico will not be honorable mention anymore. It's gonna skyrocket near the top.

EvilTwin2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

"Who would you choose instead?"
----------------------------- -------------------------

Eh, in these types of lists, there are always going to be omissions.

Rockstar North didn't even get an honorable mention. No Retro Studios? Team Ninja (Other M looks fantastic)? Kojima Productions? Mistwalker? EAD-SPD3 (the Zelda team)? SCE/Santa Monica? Irraional/2K Boston? Bethesda Softworks? Heck, I'd toss EA Tiburon in over Harmonix.

writersblock2916d ago

They havent even made anything yet, how would you put them in a top 10?

0mega42916d ago

few though are left deveopling exclusive for xbox

as i think microsoft needs to shift focus off of kinect and back on

to securing exclusives
and not wasting money on timed exclusives

number472915d ago


or list fail.

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HyperBear2916d ago

yea i agree. that list has loads of talent being hard at work on current or next-gen games, but I would have liked to have known about some studios we haven't seen or heard anything from in a while.

Examples: Incognito (Warhawk), Silicon Knights (Too Human), Sony London Studio (The Getaway) Or a ton of other studios who havent been showcasing anything. Even what Respawn Entertainment is up to or even whats going on with Rare (although I can probably easy sum that one up myself)

aceofspades2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

bioware, naughty dog, media molecule, sucker punch, guirella games, bungie, insomniac, rockstar, poliphony digital, kojima, and the motorstorm guys.

iamnsuperman2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Finally someone has mentioned media molecule. They are a great studio

gamerzBEreal172916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Naughty Dog Uncharted 2...need i say more?

Sucker Punch: infamous2 looks so fun and is a huge contender for best super hero game without even being released yet
plus they listend to all of us about new cole

EPIC Games: Gears of war is argueably the best new IP of this gen with part 3 comeing out and a new IP (bulletstorm) there one of my best

insomniac: R&C future great game this year one of my favorites there makeing a 360 game that i cant wait to hear about resistance 3 teaser looks sick

Oldsnake0072916d ago

I love Fallout 3 and Oblivion. spent nearly 200 hrs on each .

lastdual2916d ago

Bethesda is probably the most ambitious studio out there, with games that are both sucessful sales-wise and in building huge, loyal fanbases. Heck, even the modding community for Morrowind is still going strong.

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Hardedge2916d ago

Good list, definitely looking forward to what Insomniac does with Resistance 3.

Sanrin2916d ago

I may have to actually buy a Resistance game if this one turns out as cool as it looks.

rumplstilts2916d ago

What the? I don't even! Nintendo EAD has churned out far more AAA titles than Quantic Dreams!

rumplstilts2916d ago

For dis-agreers. Almost all of the EAD studios have 3 or more. Quantic has 2. The Zelda team has like 14 and The mario team has like 8.

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