How to Unlock Halo: Reach Avatar Awards

At X'10 Canada, the details for unlocking the 5 avatar awards in Halo: Reach were discovered. Watch the video to see what you need to do to unlock these sweet helmets when the game launches on September 14th.

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dizzleK2979d ago

I can't stand that every friggin secret in games these days is blown long before they're even out.

JohnApocalypse2978d ago

Yay, The one I want is the easiest

coolbeans2978d ago

Ha the helmets looks so funny on the smaller framed avatars. Looks like a version of a big head cheat :P. Emile's looks badass though

TheLastGuardian2978d ago

Oh my god could they make the 360 avatars look any more stupid and gay? I'm not just talking about these reach avatars I'm talking about the 360 avatars in general are just plain ugly.

Greenskull2978d ago

They are remaking them for Kinect to be more human

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