GameSpot Fallout: New Vegas Updated Hands-On

Picture the scene; an unknown assailant in a sharp checked suit is taunting you. You’re exhausted, tired from being beaten, and scared that the last thing you’ll hear is the smarmy voice of your assailant. You’re told to kneel on the ground while a gun is pointed at your head, realizing that your life will soon to be coming to a tragic and lonesome end. Bang. You’re dead.

Or at least you think you are until you wake up in a strange old man’s house at the beginning of Fallout: New Vegas.

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Caspel3039d ago

not feeling the title at all. Maybe it's because Obsidian is behind it and their last title was Alpha Protocol, so tough sell.

Darkfiber3039d ago

That, and Obsidian is known for churning out crappy sequels to good RPGs. And they didn't do anything at all to make it look better or different. Blah. Looks so outdated I don't even want to play it.