Battlefield: Bad Company 2 VIP Map Pack 6 Now Available + Trailer

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has had yet another VIP Map Pack go live for owners of the new game or those in possession of a VIP code.

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DasBunker2711d ago

i dont play those modes.. ugh.. gimme vietnam naooooo!

chak_2711d ago

so EA/DICE is mocking you buy unlocking what you already have along 6 month, yet you ask to pay for more has they didn't give you ANYTHING?

Sad I think

spektical2711d ago

i play those modes..its more tactical than rush or conquest by far.

but still these arent map packs, they are mode packs. and i agree i want Vietnam!!

Crazyglues2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

-but OMG! that map (Panama Canal) is so cool for squad Death match, just played a game of it and wow it was amazing...

Wish they could extend it and use it for a rush map - playing rush on that would be awesome.. just needs to be a little longer for rush.. but it's an awesome map.

-should have been out day one for all these modes they are calling VIP DLC, when it's not. Not Really -you can't call it DLC when it's been on the disk since day one.. Especially when you didn't really do anything but add the mode.. that's not VIP that L.A.M.E..

-and yeah that Vietnam expansion pack should be amazing, can't wait..


jarrod19812710d ago

give me remakes of the maps from bc1 and ill be happy. ill even pay for them.

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HarryMonogenis2711d ago

They need to stop calling it that..

Crazyglues2710d ago

It should be called NEW MODE... because that's all it is..

-would have been really awesome if they would have actually made some new maps.. that would have been amazing.

snoopgg2711d ago

I love the game, but for the love of God, Dice make some new maps please!!!!!! Bring on Vietnam already. Can't wait.

JohnApocalypse2710d ago

How they decided to call this a map pack is beyond me

Eazy-Eman2710d ago

Yup, they definitely aren't map packs. I often wonder if EA are trying to insult us gamer's intelligence.

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