Rumor: Wii To Be $149.99

Ironstar: The Wii has been quite silent over the past few months. Its most significant appearance was a few months back with the launch of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and the Black/White Wii Motion Plus Bundle for $199.99.

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boogey1572952d ago

Right in time for GoldenEye

LordMarius2952d ago

mhmmm which means we can see Wii2 at next year's E3

Domer252952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

As of now, I think that's quite plausible.

DarkSpawnClone2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

i didnt get a wii this gen...but I will get a Wii 2...actually i hope they change the name..wii 2 kinda sounds like me too! lmao idk Wii HD would be better :)..hopefully the online will be better tho

mikeslemonade2952d ago

Nintendo is scared of the Move and Kinect. I hope Nintendo loses a chunk of the market share once Move and Kinect come out!

ChickeyCantor2952d ago

"i didnt get a wii this gen...but I will get a Wii 2...actually i hope they change the name..wii 2 kinda sounds like me too! lmao idk Wii HD would be better :)..hopefully the online will be better tho"

you know...that would be the lamest thing:
"Iwata: We named it Wii-2 as in Wii-too, because the hardcore crowd felt "abandoned", we simply give honor to those who felt that way. LOL, we got them moniiiiiiiiiiiies"

Professor PGX2951d ago

How the hell did u come up with that? if anything they are afraid of nintendo, which is why they are mimicking their actions by trying to be more casual friendly and have motion controls. Hell sony is so scared they copied them completely and just added an ugly @ss lightbulb on top.

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raztad2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

$100 is the right price for this dated piece of hardware.

dirthurts2952d ago

This hardware was old when it many years ago?

scofios2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

If true that might put kinect in trouble because theire both aimed for the casuals gamers , both 149$ that means if you already have an xbox you have to pay only 149$ for kinect , but if you don't have one that means you have to pay 149$ for kinect +150$ for an xbox arcade =299$ or 149$ +250$ xbox slim = 399$ but if you buy the wii it will cost you only 149$ ,

longcat2952d ago

Based on game libraries alone, wii is the better choice for now as opposed to kinect.

If u dont have a 360, then its a matter of personal preference.

NYC_Gamer2952d ago

this could be very possible.

Agent-862952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

A Wii that cheap would be very bad news for MS and Kinect since they are going for the same casual market. Wii would be half the price of the $300 Kinect Arcade Bundle (a casual gamer's cheapest alternative w/o currently owning a 360). Sony, with the Move, seems to be going for core gamers first and trying to get casuals to go along for the ride later (after the core gamers adopt it and develop a following for it). Their $400 Move Bundle has a huge 320gb HDD, so its being marketed/priced squarely for the core gamer. Sony really should try to get a "budget" PS3/Move Bundle at $300 to have a decent chance for the casual/impulse buyer. Then, they could go after both core and casual at the same time.

secretsea2952d ago

It says in the article just the Wii + Wii Sports bundle. Yea its very possible if they plan to make the Wii Sports, Wii sports Resort bundle stay at $200.

Tony-A2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

It was for a bit earlier this year.

@disagree - Was I wrong? I distinctly remember it dropping to that price for a short amount of time. I'm not saying it's bad. Damn, some people get offended way too easily.

dtrain212952d ago

Thats dirt cheap....but still crappy console

turok2952d ago

I wud love to know. Dont hate now.

dirthurts2952d ago

To what the particular gamer is looking for.
It's an opinion, neither right or wrong.
I happen to agree with this opinion...
but it's not to say it can't be fun. To a lot of gamers that's all that matters.
I have a Wii, but I do wish the hardware wasn't so cryptic.

snoopgg2952d ago

To not offend the Nintendo Defense Force, he should have said that it is not the console of his choice. See, thats a better way to say it, and it won't offend so many wi owners.

turok2952d ago


i dont know wut u mean about crytic but u are correct at least someone here understands that crap is relative.


Where is this nintendo defense force??? and that way of saying it is much better.

gunnerforlife2952d ago

i really wouldn't call it crappy. its aimed at a certain audience and its good enough for them, if it was aimed at us the hardcore gamers then i guess you could call it crappy, but its not.

BryanBegins2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

I have all three consoles. I use mostly my ps3 (best games according to me and I refuse to pay for online play). But I never ever regret having bought a Wii in 2006. I had a lot of fun with it and I still do sometimes (Mario Galaxy 2 recently for instance). I'm actually glad the Wii is offering something different. What would be the point of having a third console doing the same games? Having Lens of Truth doing comparisons of multiplat games over all three? lol No thanks.
$149 with Wii sport and Wii sport Resort (? maybe not in this bundle) is cheap and will give you a lot of fun with your friends.

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