CVG: How big is Super Mario Galaxy?

While fingers are crossed in the hope that Super Mario Galaxy is at least as big as Super Mario 64 (which had 15 main levels, and numerous smaller ones), it is reported that Mario's next quest will take him through six worlds.

CVG suspects that this accounts to the environments of the main worlds in the game (so far we've seen fire, water, sand, haunted houses and Bee worlds) as well as more generic space environments with smaller rock platforms, and what appear to be bonus platform worlds - similar to those in Super Mario Sunshine.

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bootsielon4060d ago

They would have been able to make this game INFINITE in length with procedural synthesis, and they would have been able to add user generated worlds with a mass multiplayer online component.


PS360WII4060d ago

lol that would be something to see a Mario MMORPG! I could only see one problem with that for everyone would want to be Mario.

User generated worlds would certainly be uber, so maybe next game...

As far as horsepower Mario never really needs it. It's got the technicolor aspect with every one, another is it's a platformer and bubbly enemies. It just needs to be bright and colorful and hard as heck. A long game is always a plus though ^^

bootsielon4060d ago

Mario with more horsepower would mean procedurally generated levels, which would mean almost infinite SINGLE PLAYER replay value. They could simply design an algorithm with every foe in the game (or even one that creates new foes) and with the different types of environments and so on, and every experience would be different for every user. But for that to happen, you need MASSIVE amounts of processing power, like those you find on PS3 or even 360.

PS360WII4060d ago

I see where you are going with that. Indeed that would rock the house if they(Nintendo) ever did something like that. The world you are describing though I'm not sure if even PS3 or 360 could do that. One where it'll all change everytime you enter it and so forth. Who knows though seeing that Nintendo is making a great income this generation we might be able to see something of a great leap back into the power pack console. Though judging by there track record most likely no. We'll get something like the PS3/360 next gen minus the blueray of coarse, and naturally no DVD playback ^.-

ItsDubC4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Seems like a cool idea, but those types of levels would not be compatible with the linearity of the event model that is characteristic of Mario games. So I think that producing an argument suggesting that Mario Galaxy would be amazing with dynamic levels and evolving NPC AI is so random and makes no sense except to disguise another attempt at pointing out the Wii's hardware shortcomings w/ respect to the other consoles.

bootsielon4060d ago


The console I wanted the most this gen was the Nintendo Revolution, now called the Wii. It really disappointed me. In fact, I hate Nintendo's hypocrisy for saying "GRAPHICS DONT MATTER", implying horsepower doesn't matter. Since they are the ones that care about gameplay, they should know that many things gameplay wise are impossible to do on the Wii, whether they be physics, AI, procedural synthesis, realism, sense of detail, collision detection, dynamic environments and destruction, and pretty much everything that means "non-scripted" and "dynamic".

Anyway, back to discussing Mario Galaxy, I believe Mario doesn't always need to go back to its roots, and it could offer some dynamic gameplay. But then again, the hardware prohibits that, so I guess that's why they have to stick with Mario Galaxy the way it is now. I just think Nintendo is wrong by thinking that the only thing you need for a next-generation of consoles is a new input method; you might need it, but everything else have to grow.

So, here are things NEXT-GEN that nintendo failed to add that others did add:

1. (Decent) Online play, whether it be:
a. An MMO
b. Multiplayer matches
c. Co-op

2. User Generated content, whether it be for:
a. Single player
b. Multiplayer
c. Co-op
d. MMO

3. Horsepower, for:
a. Fun, physics based gameplay (A la LBP or Pain)
b. Fun, AI related gameplay with complex acting koopas
c. Emotional gameplay, where you can see detailed gestures of your friends and foes
d. Dynamic level generation

and perhaps something kind of important, which depends on the above, and it is:

4. Storage space, for:

a. open-world games,
b. high-definition textures,
c. high-definition sound,
d. bonus video features,
e. more languages
f. No need to switch discs

Maybe even...

5. Choice to have more buttons, for:
a. People that happen to like classic controllers?
b. Games that don't fit well with the Wiimote (FPS, fighting games, soccer games)
c. Have more options than just waving your hands

You know, an overall next-gen experience. But I guess Nintendo rather save money. But of course they won't tell you that. And I don't hate Nintendo, I just hate their newfound philosophy. I love Zelda. But hey, more power to Nintendo if they're making money... especially if they don't even have to make new engines when they can simply re-use/re-tool old ones (Metroid Prime three, the next Zelda, the next mario kart, the next F-zero, the next Star Fox, the next Smash Bros, you name it).

TheExodus4060d ago

Pong & Odyssey had AI & these systems didn't even have CPUs.

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commadore654060d ago

and two secret ones maybe? 8 seems a pretty traditional number.

Each world might be a galaxy with different planets for different missions. either way I am sure this game will impress.

Rooftrellen4060d ago

I would think a better comparison for size would be Sunshine, not 64. There were 120 things to collect in both, but I think Sunshine was actually quite a bit bigger. At least it felt that way to me.

From what we've seen of Galaxy so far, it looks like the different worlds will be very big (there were worlds on 64 that you could seriously see from one side to the other). I have little doubt Galaxy will be bigger. I only hope the extra size doesn't add a lot of dead space to the game, that's there just to be there.The nice thing about 3D Mario (and Luigi) games in the 3D era is that they've been compact. There's never been a huge wasted area, and almost never a small wasted area.

I would rather have a smaller Mario game sticking to those roots than a large Mario game that had me going though areas in words that never have anything for me.