The Best Reason the Mass Effect Series Belongs on The PS3

Ever since the announcement of Mass Effect making it’s way to the PS3, there have been many opinions, on why it should be on the PS3 or why it shouldn’t be on the PS3. Microsoft fans want to keep Mass Effect as an exclusive, while PS3 gamers want not only Mass Effect 2, but also Mass Effect 1. But forget every other reason out there, we are here to back up Mass Effect 2 for one reason and one reason only.

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Otheros003038d ago

Someone actually made a counter article to the mass effect should stay microsoft exclusive article.

0mega43037d ago

would love to see mass effect on bluray hope that there able to run the game with no loading screen

my biggest complaint with the xbox version was

way to many load screen

20+ an hour

Godmars2903038d ago

Is that any value BR might suggest, its DVD and the 360 that's dictating content limit.

StanRaimondi3038d ago

I don't know to much about the game since i don't have a 360 so i don't feel the need to trash it or anything. My brother says its pretty good and he's a avid rpg player so i'll take his word for it and try it when it comes to the ps3.

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The story is too old to be commented.