Creepy bug in Mafia 2 trailer

Eagle-eyed forum posters have spotted a hanging man during one of the scenes (starting at 1:12) in the latest Mafia II trailer.

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xskipperx823013d ago

Is it that thing that looks like a hand in the upper right corner?

mrmcygan3013d ago

You can see most of the body

xskipperx823013d ago

Oh! lol Didn't see the body there >.<

BubbleSystemSuck3013d ago

i dont think is a BUG...

is an easter Egg

Yardie3013d ago

OMG, "it's a shame your father didn't live to see this"
Dead body hanging in the corner

Foliage3013d ago

I bet it's not in the PS3 version.

Shitty developer.

Kazu0 Hirai3013d ago

I wouldn't doubt it. The lack of ram and processor power probably held back the developers from including that little tidbit that real gamers get to enjoy on their superior platforms.

extermin8or3013d ago

with troll posts like that who did you get so many bubbles?

DigitalAnalog3013d ago

It's a bubble reset.

-End statement

Tommykrem3013d ago

Superior CONSOLES?
What the PS2? :P
Nah, 360 is great. I just don't like Halo and Gears too much. Fable is nice.

Domer253013d ago

Man 2K really disappointed me on this one. Cheer up i'm giving you all five bubbles! :P

Chnswdchldrn3013d ago



lol he is so camouflaged devs or editors or whoever made the trailer didnt see it lolololololol

BannedForNineYears3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Eh, no? Odds are they switched to wireframed mode at one point. And looked at it from different angles.
Adjusting lighting, etc.

It's an easter egg.
Or maybe it's just a dead dude hanging from their ceiling. That's not too unusual. >_>

After examining it about 50 times, it was definitely not intentional/part of the plot. If they intentionally wanted to have a dead body hanging from the ceiling, they would have added some ragdoll properties to it and possibly some blood.
Allow me to "lololololol" along with you.
Then again, it could just be an easter egg considering how well his apron blends with the curtains.

itsralf3013d ago

Screencap for those too lazy to watch the video and those who can't seem to find the body...

HSx93013d ago

thanks, I couldn't seem to find it :P

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The story is too old to be commented.