Gran Turismo 5 - GamesCom 2010 Gameplay Footage

New gameplay footage for Gran Turismo 5. A look at some of the menus, cars, and tracks available.

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Cevapi882923d ago

i gotta say, that was one sexy Fiat

blumatt2923d ago

There's bound to be more sexy cars, all 1000 of them. OH Yeah! I can't freakin' wait to play this game. It's got a strong chance of winning GotY at the VGA awards.

clank5432923d ago

Even the menu system exudes class and simplicity. This game is going to be a monster in the racing genre. I doubt anything will be able to live to this driving simulator for years.

kingdavid2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Car selection screen looks exactly like forza 2s.

level 3602923d ago

I badly need some new GT5 demo medicine... please Sony..

blumatt2923d ago

Something tells me there won't be a demo for it since it would probably take a pretty good sized demo to run at full resolution. I think that's why the Time Trial demo wasn't up to par graphically-- so that the demo could be small enough in file size to be reasonable. A GT5 demo worthy enough to demonstrate the game's potential would have to be 2-3 GB of space and would just be too large to be reasonable. Still, we can pray for one. I can't wait to play GT5!

alphakennybody2923d ago

Watching the guy scrolling the cars like that is like going through playboy magazine pages.

---stone---2923d ago

my thoughts exactly. That Ferrari 330 p4 1967 race car is my centerfold.
/pictures Candy Loving posing on and around that car. <.<

alphakennybody2923d ago

Indeed the Ferrari 330 p4 is very sexy.

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