What Really Grinds My Gears: Fees, Clickers, and Final Fantasy XIV

FloridaFlyer86 is back with his third installment of What Really Grinds My Gears. In this article he tackles those extra fees that game companies have started tacking on, clicker titles like Farmville, and Final Fantasy XIV.

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Nate-Dog3014d ago

Hmm I never really thought about the additional fees thing from an Xbox-Live user's point of view. It's bad enough paying full price for a game and then needing to pay extra, but when you're already paying for the online service (XBL) that's a bit of a joke.

I have no problem with stuff like Farmville, but true enough a few friends that got into that actually quite heavily have tried real gaming and have even been so influenced by it that they've gone over to console gaming for their first time.

Dunno what to think of FFXIV. I'm not interested simply because I couldn't afford monthly payments nor would I have to time to justify them if I did. But SE has been getting a lot of stick lately, probably rightly so for the direction they've taken the series in. Hopefully XIII-Versus will change that.

Darkfiber3014d ago

Too many grammatical errors to read through. I didn't finish. I really hope you don't get paid for writing.