PSN!: A Spanish preview for Gran Turismo 5 (Gamescom)

After an interview with Kazunori Yamauchi, PSN! had the opportunity of testing Gran Turismo 5 in Cologne.

Please see our exclusive preview in Spanish.

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Cevapi883012d ago

no hablo espanol....sad day

level 3603012d ago

I think a big part of Britannia will be quite happy indeed with the inclusion of cancelled production racecar 66' Jaguar XJ13.

Karts?!.. have been hearing of this for quite awhile, so it was supposed to be for GT6 and now confirmed for GT5.

Track Editor is also in but using wizard as a compromise to re-create our own and with a maximum distance of only 10kms., still have to see how this goes and hope some video of it will be posted out soon enough.