Get those PS3 images out of my Xbox Commercial

SG: I’m one of the few people out there in gaming land who doesn’t care about the difference in how one game looks over the other when released on more than one platform. For one, having more blades of grass or two more drops of blood on the screen isn’t a big deal.

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Lifendz3037d ago

Get those PS3 images out of your Xbox commerical? No sir, get your xbox commercial out of my PS3 images. Family Guy reference...c' this thing on? Don't forget to tip your waiter!

3037d ago
WildArmed3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

And for all those who missed the title of the site, it's:

No need to get all hurtful about it.
With that said, it's quite funny that someone complained about a 5 month old Ad.

And now SE is happy about selling their 80 millions copies of FF13
(note: the author is implying 1:1 attachment ratio due to the perfect world we all live in.. and that Ad being the very reason why everyone bought ff13.. )

FURY__UNLEASHED3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

"Final Fantasy XIII sold about 42 million worldwide copies for the 360, while the PS3 version “only” sold 38 million copies."

So, 1 million people who don't even have a 360 bought FF 13? Because there have only been 41 million 360s sold. Maybe one million 360 owners had their 360s standing virtually, so the discs got scratched? Obviously a massive error.

And EVERY single person who bought a PS3 bought FF13? There have been 38 million PS3s sold, and there's no way EVERY PS3 owner bought FF13. Obviously a massive error.

Eh, maybe they they meant "4-POINT-2 million" and "3-POINT-8 million? They should double-check the sales figures next time...

WildArmed3036d ago

For all the people STILL pondering about the sales..
they were MADE UP..
It's right up the alley of sarcasm..
kinda like saying:
Crysis is the best game ever made, so it sold 400million copies (IDK, is that a correct estimate on how many computers @ home that can run crysis?)

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TheLastGuardian3037d ago

you would say that about the article you posted. lol

Imtey3037d ago

"Final Fantasy XIII sold about 42 million worldwide copies for the 360, while the PS3 version “only” sold 38 million copies. Square-Enix higher-ups were relaxing in their money-filled hot tubs but took a second out to say this:"

Wow, epic fail here...

Eddie201013037d ago

This guy doesn't have a clue what he is talking about. First the sales numbers for this game are no where near what he is saying and second the PS3 version has been selling better than the Xbox 360 version since its release.

I do believe that those commercials were payed for by Microsoft (hence only the Xbox 360 version being mentioned in the Ads) and may have had some say in using the PS3 footage in the commercials or they probably knew about it.

I think those statements he mentions Square Soft making were actually made by the court that made the judgement on the case.

Lucky13037d ago

(1) I'm a female :)
(2) The errors have been corrected... and all is still wrong with the world! Thanks for reading my article and pointing out where I botched up, I was waiting for the day I did in my "SG writing" career (being honest here, thanks!).

Eddie201013036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Sorry for assuming you were male without looking to see who wrote this article.

There is so much flame bait being written these day that it is hard to tell honest mistakes from dishonesty.

I can appreciate that you corrected the mistakes, many probably wouldn't have, I respect that you did.

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catch3037d ago

The genius who did this wrote "Final Fantasy XIII sold about 42 million worldwide copies for the 360, while the PS3 version “only” sold 38 million copies"

Wow. I didn't know FFXIII had a 1:1 attachment ratio for every system sold worldwide.. /s

Tony-A3037d ago

I was confused when I read that part.

I don't remember buying Final Fantasy??

aceofspades3037d ago

big mistake by the author. isnt it the other way around? lol

Lich1203037d ago

I don't know the numbers but I think he means to have decimal points in there? That would make more sense. As far as I know the game didn't break any records and Im nearly positive their aren't that many 360s in homes. Or maybe they snuck a copy in my back pocket when I wasn't looking?!

jack who3037d ago

you do know Square-Enix uses CGI/per rendered images on all their game ads right?

BannedForNineYears3037d ago

Duh, but they're not gonna recreate or touch up a CGI cutscene JUST for the ad.
They used the PS3 version of the "Cutscenes"/footage.

Shaman3037d ago

Its bad thing to use different system versions to represent the other but the worst thing to do is to take PC screens and videos and try to pass them as console version.It is just sickening what publishers want to do just to sell...

Focker-4203037d ago

FFXIII came out on PC?? I never new that. Last thing I remember was it was built on a PS3 then ported over to 360.

SOAD3037d ago

He's talking about other situations.

They used Assassin's Creed PC screens in the console ads.

Otheros003037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

If they were using pc footage, then where is the superior pc version?

JAMurida3037d ago

It's really sad that FFXIII will go down in history and remembered as a game people will always use in a PS3 vs 360 comparison debate, than what it was intended to be, a game.

I can only pray FFXIII Versus doesn't follow the same path and stays exclusive.

nolifeking3037d ago

I think FFXIII will go down in history as a FF game that bored people even more than X-2 or XII. God, I hope versus is good, hell FFVII good would make me happy.

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