Fatal Inertia demo imminent, new screens

A European demo of Koei's Xbox 360 title Fatal Inertia will be on Marketplace any day now, according to the company (the demo has already released on XBL in the US). Oh, and CVG has got some lovely new screenshots for you to look at as well.

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MK_Red3657d ago

1.TnS, you ARE quick. :)
2.Cool screens.

TnS3657d ago

Rowland was faster:
I have had to change the story. But these images are nice too. :)

SuperSaiyan43657d ago

Do NOT download this you have been warned.

DarkArcani3657d ago

I have heard this too. Kind of reminds me of Jet Moto for some reason?!?!

boi3657d ago

I thought it be rubbish...the only good future racer is properly Wipeout but then again I don't enjoy these kind of games...

MaximusPrime3657d ago

if it ever comes out as a demo on PS3, i would get bored instantly.

Wipeout is the one to look out for.

EaziG3657d ago

they might aswell use air balloons instead of spaceships.
then the slowness of the race should look about right.

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