This week: Madden Fever

Madden NFL 08 is poised to outperform last year's multi-million-selling entry, but does the new Madden offer anything new? And a technically superior Xbox 360 version could pour fuel on the console debate. Early critic comments, popularity rankings and the rest of this week's releases within... More after the jump.

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Real Gambler3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

I'm sorry, but this is a big no for me. They have shut down their online servers for most 2006 games. I'm not paying games so one year later I can't play online anymore. They will do anything to sell the 2009 version. I don't trust them anymore.

So there's no way I'll buy this game or any games from EA for quite a while.

omansteveo3935d ago

A guy came in my store yesterday and cancelled his pre-order for Madden on his PS3 and Switched it to 360 and said he would be in tonight to buy a 360 and Madden for it bc he heard about the 60-30 frames issue...Madden is that serious for some people

game-over3935d ago

It was a story that happened. People are such fanboys they cant even agree with an EVENT THAT TOOK PLACE. This is not even debatable and people are hitting the disagree button.

Real Gambler3934d ago

The guy walk into the store, cancel a preorder and say he will come back in a few hour to buy a 360... Sure. Make sense. If you cannot buy it on the spot, why not just wait the few hour, walk in the store, cancel the preoder and buy the new console then. Just one trip! If it's true, your customer was so stupid, please don't sell him the 360, he won't know how to plug it for sure!!!! Two trips for absolutely nothing. Let me guess, from your story, could we deduct that stupid people buy 360s then?

sajj3163935d ago

Is this what we should expect from yearly sports game releases? Little to no functional differences with updated rosters? Also, the infrastructure for online sports games is just not ideal. Since its a yearly release, publishers are looking for 07 buyers to buy 08. What happens to the 07 game outside of a 75% immediate depreciation in value of the 07 game.

Should football games be released every two years with roster updates? Of course not! Why would EA do such a thing?

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