How can Sony stop the PS3 "jailbreak"?

"Today's biggest news wasn't the stuff coming from Gamescom... No, it was the news of a PS3 being hacked."

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Baltis2979d ago

Ever since I heard this news I've been listening to "Thin Lizzy's - Jail Break". "Tonight there's gonna be a jail break ba-da-dum!" Good song. Maybe They should use it to promote it.

rroded2979d ago

jailbrakings legal now... so no ones gonna get fined

but ya sony is def gonna try n patch this asap lets jus wait n see how it plays out...

o n takin usb off the ps3 is plain stupid if you think about it.

jerethdagryphon2979d ago

jailbreaking a phone or pdf is legal

jailbreaking a console where the entire purpose is piracy is not

BubbleSystemSuck2979d ago

if you just call it Jailbreak, means is just jailbreak?

can i kill people on the street and say "hey, im just jailbreaking"

Nitrowolf22979d ago

lol one problem this isn't jailbreaking
that is just the name for it, this is putting th ePS3 into debug mode, dev mode, which is illegal to own one

sack_boi2979d ago

By releasing a new PS3 model without USB ports.

Neko_Mega2979d ago

But being able to use your cell phone with someone other then AT&T Vs modding your PS3 to do things that screw developers out of money isn't the same.

Chaos692979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Obviously the removal of "OtherOs" didn't stop people from hacking the PS3, so what's next?

for some people PS3jailbreak = MKV and emulators.

nickjkl2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

its not the hacking that takes skill its stopping an outbreak of a hack that truly shows skill

besides sony probably has a bunch of hackers trying to hack the ps3 everyday to patch exploits

rroded2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

u use it to play backups of games u own (pretty sure it applies to the USA Canada n most of Europe) or use it to play homebrew apps n the likes...

personally id b happy if piracy wasnt an option but i wont deny its going to b used for that.

n theres no law stopping sony from patching out this exploit if they can.

edit @ morgan ya we know its going to b used for piracy but it can b used legit if you only play backups of games you own n run homebrew... n it looks like it does really work.

morganfell2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Jailbreaking is legal in the case of individuals placing lawfully purchased and owned software on a device. This isn't being done for the purposes of jailbreaking.

Also, companies have the right to undo your jailbreak with a software update.

And personally I am skeptical it works. Why not show actual gameplay?

Chaos692979d ago

Well there you go.

It's been confirmed, it works.

sack_boi2979d ago

Basically this means MKV support, PS2 BC, region unlocking DVD/BBLURAY/PS1,PS2, emulators, being able to fully install all your PS3 games...

SCThor2979d ago

Just days after Gamescon start, where Sony showed a lot of BIG hitters for this and the next year, someone "out of the blue" releases a 100% functional usb-mod for backing up and playing any game, looks like they got some help from "inside" if you know what I mean.

Everybody and their moms know that a very large part of PS2 success besides a big library, was the fact it can play "backup" games, so in my head, Sony is playing the ALL OUT game to take down competition once and for all.

Neko_Mega2979d ago

Yes but who would really use it for that kind of stuff if they can easily get a PS3 game and save it to their hard drive without buying the game?

Plus that isn't counting people that might try to use it to mod their games to win on games like MW2 or MAG. So yeah it is best not to have it at all.

Sony doesn't need to remove anything to do it, just software to find it or force you to reformat your USB flash drive, draw back is for the people that keep game files on a USB flash drive in case of something happens to the PS3.

Well it is going to hurt them.

bakasora2979d ago

dont use the word jailbreak because when i hear jailbreak i think of iphone. Mod is better sound for ps3.

morganfell2979d ago

No, there you do not go. Do you know the definition of gameplay? If not you can save a lot of money and just download pictures of gameplay off the internet, read how the game ends and viola! You just saved $59.

And BTW, good luck finding very many PS3 games under 4GB. You see that external drive is formatted to FAT32. Let's see what you get on there...

kneon2979d ago


4gb is the file size limit on fat 32, you can format much larger drives than that with fat 32. I have 500gb fat32 formatted drives.

badz1492979d ago

you don't get it do you? you can have 2TB of drive but in order for the PS3 to recognized it via USB, it must be formatted as FAT32. the problem with that is the maximum size of a single file on a FAT32 formatted device must be <4GB wherelse a PS3 game sizing that small are too rare or close to not existing at all. so, what's left is your internal HDD for those backups but you can't upload it to the net either because there's currently no way you can access PS3 HDD from a pc without taking it out 1st and it's still unreadable unless if you have a special stuff on your pc for that to happen. plus you can't copy the backup to an external device either as the size will be >4GB! so, it's unless until somebody can find a way the PS3 can read games from home made BD-R, there's no other way but you have to at least rent a game to do this or wait for somebody to enable the ps3 to do the unzipping/unraring so that downloaded backup can work!

jebabcock2979d ago

Jailbreaking is not game piracy.. don't mesh the two.. it does simplify the process, but there are plenty of other reasons to unlock the ps3 other than to facilitate obtaining free games... the ps3 linux community would love to have their other os back, and have full access to resources there(which they never could get without a hack of some sort). The whole linux side itself was awesome for researchers. I can think of just as many or more legal reasons to hack the ps3 as i can the iphone or any other phone or device. The comment about it being different is foolish.. the Jailbreak community for iphone is full of pirated apps and games(emulators and roms just to start)...

Honestly I cant help but stress that there are two different things here. there is jail breaking and then there is piracy... Jail breaking is legal no matter what system you are talking about. As long as you own the system, you can do with it how you please so long as you don't use it in a way that harms others. No one can tell you differently without infringing on your rights... it would be like toyota suing you for replacing the transmission on your car... They can't. the product is yours... However, buying that product doesn't give you the right to make copies of that car and distribute them... That falls in with copyright infringement... Thats where piracy comes into play.

Jailbreak simply means to unlock... its legal and can lead to alot of positive results.
piracy = bad, not legal, you are stealing from companies by obtaining illegal copies of some software and using it without purchase or permission from its owner... two different things..

repeat one more time... TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!!

SideNote: you gotta respect the fact that the ps3 held out for a dang good long time.... The fact that it took this many years for them to finally crack the puppy is crazy.. it took all of a couple days to bust the new iphone 4 open... all other consoles have long since been hacked...

Omegasyde2979d ago

this is a *unlicensed* 3rd party device, which is going on Sale for profit with no proceeds going to Sony. Think about it.

MEANING - not authorized for sale or use, therefor illegal through TOS. If it was given out for free, the ruling would be difficult. But obviously the maker/inventor plans on making a profit.

I remember in the 1990's, with the pro action replay for the original PSX. this device could easily allow someone to play burnt games on data cd's. Heck I am guilty of it, but it was mostly to play import games.

Ironically Sony sued Datel (MAKERS of pro action replay) during the ps2 days because the PS2 Pro action replay put the PS2 into Debug mode as well
Here is the link:

Iphone jail break = free, do it yourself.
PS3 jailbreak thumb drive is being sold....Easy law suit.

The Lazy One2978d ago


you should be able to file copy over the network and not have the 4gb size limitation from removable media.

morganfell2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Yes you can but file management, which several people apparently misunderstand, is another matter.

Well well well:

And whoops!

kneon2977d ago


I do get it, but I don't think games are stored on the disk as a single huge file. If you need to store the ISO image of the game on the USB drive then yes the 4gb limit will be a problem. But having to use ISO images doesn't make sense as they are using a debug mode of the PS3. In debug mode you would want to have more fine grained access to the game resources so you can swap out individual files, that's more painful if you have to create a new ISO after each change.

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East_Coast2979d ago

Regular updates and a sort of verification system every time you login to PSN.

Raendom2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Games downloaded from PSN actually need you to be signed into PSN to start them up (Gran turismo 5 Prologue is one of them. If you bought it off PSN try playing it without internet access).

MiloGarret2979d ago

Huh? Exactly zero of my 6-7 PSN games require me to be logged in to PSN. No, obviously I don't own GT5 Prologue.

scofios2979d ago

@Milo Garret
I have 10 psn games and only 1 of them requires me to be logged in to PSN ,that is the one that i recently bought final fight + double inpact ,

zeeshan2979d ago

I am sure SONY will do everything to make sure this doesn't spread out but I am afraid that there is little that can be done now. Suppose that even SONY disables USB, there are still ways to handle that as well. It's just a matter of time because the code inside that USB is distributed to hackers around the world. How difficult would it be for hackers to simply make a boot disk type of things? I am thinking, not too difficult. It's the code that is the real thing here and not the usb/boot disk/card readers etc.

I highly doubt Sony will even consider disabling the USB. That my friends is not the solution and it will only hamper PS3 sales and won't help them in many ways!

I guess the best to go about this is legal system. It seems that the code used to run PS3 in debug mode was stolen from Sony. Just a speculation, nothing confirmed but if that is indeed the case then Sony can easily file lawsuits that'll prevent their own IP to sold as stolen material.

Lets hope this piracy thing doesn't ruin gaming for all of us! I still can't stand the fact that because of one damn ahole (geo hotz), we had to loose our INSTALL OTHER OS feature! Stop messing with consoles and keep cracking nuts in your kitchen or whatever!

zeddy2979d ago

lets not forget DRM on new ps3 titles, you might not go online but atleast the drm on the discs could prevent playing of a hardrive.

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Death24942979d ago

they've already been shut down!!!! PS3 FTW

Snakefist302979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )


EDIT:LOL " HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN. That didn't take long.Good Job Sony Ur THE MAN.

WetN00dle692979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Not unless they catch the source. They might stop the sellers BUT as long as the source is still out there this little problem will never end. The only thing Sony can do at this point is to create a patch. Kill the virus before it spreads.

Biggest2979d ago

I guess paying $170 for something that will probably be rendered useless in the next week is a smart idea. I hope many people buy one very soon.

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davekaos2979d ago

All sony has to do is implement digitally signed drivers into a new update, this will then scan any usb device to check if its been signed, if it has not it wont work.

Also did anybody check the link, psjailbreak has been shutdown already.
Well done sony fight that corner

Chris3992979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

They were clearly using a DEBUG UNIT. The site has been SHUT DOWN. They were probably just trying to scam money as much money as they could from idiots eager to fork over $170, before they got caught.

The PS3 might get jail-broken some day, but with security on almost every part of the hardware, it's probably not going to come from a USB key.

longcat2979d ago


Lets just sit back and watch the fanboys run around in circles for a while.

at least its not another topic about sales

WetN00dle692979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Whatever helps you sleep at night man.
Remain in your denial state of mind all you want.
Fact of the matter is the system has been jail broken.
More and more sites are review the little USB. And there is nothing we can do about it ONLY Sony can shut these guys down.

JsonHenry2979d ago

jailbreaking is legal. However whatever you do with it after that is not always gonna be defined as legal. But simply jailbreaking it is no longer illegal.

Domer252979d ago

So now their are three definites in life: Death, Taxes, Hackable consoles.

too bad, hope we don't lose features for this.

PopEmUp2979d ago

my mkv, ps2 games load my ps3 games faster, hey this is a must have for me, but don't get me wrong I still buy games except that this is like a features I been waiting for

FACTUAL evidence2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

O! Sony is gunna rid of this. Enjoy for the 19 hours you pirates have left.

HDgamer2979d ago

lol you clearly don't have a ps3, there is no such thing as region lock for it.

Omegasyde2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

All Sony has to do it require all thumb drives to be formatted before use.
If anything this screws over the people whom want to transfer saves.

Also this is a *unlicensed* 3rd party device, which is going on Sale for profit with no proceeds going to Sony. Think about it.

MEANING - not authorized for sale or use, therefor illegal through TOS. If it was given out for free, the ruling would be difficult. But obviously the maker/inventor plans on making a profit.

I remember in the 1990's, with the pro action replay for the original PSX. this device could easily allow someone to play burnt games on data cd's. Heck I am guilty of it, but it was mostly to play import games.

Ironically Sony sued Datel (MAKERS of pro action replay) during the ps2 days because the PS2 Pro action replay put the PS2 into Debug mode as well
Here is the link:

This device more than likely sprung up from the tinkering of an actual Debug system (PS3). If anything this moves doesn't hurt gamers, but actually developers (Indie developers are going to get hurt) and might actually increase the prices for a PS3 test unit. Obviously this was tinkered with a debug unit (actual test unit).

And to end this short essay, this scam is going to be a big bait and switch. Sony will patch like Microsoft patched Memory card in the end of 2009. Once again read the link

If you ordered this (if possible) get your money back as soon as possible before the website owner grabs your money and runs.

And honestly if you feel the absolute need to pirate games because you feel they aren't worth the money...just rent the damn game or do game trades online. Here is a link:

Game fly also works for some:

Chris3992978d ago

People don't realize that this is a scam, and are merely frothing at the bit that TEH PS3 IZ CRAKED!.

Bubbles for having some sense.

xAlmostPro2978d ago

Wow look at these comments.. 95% of you dont actually know anything and just assume "ps3 jailbreak" means piracy or homebrew lol.. WRONG!

it wont allow piracy because it only allows you to back up games that you already have on disc(thats also why this is actualy legal) i guess some people will copy a friend game here & there BUT that wont be on anymore of a scale than gamesharing..

so yeah maybe find out the real info before assuming that this will allow people to pirate games on a mass scale lol

vhero2978d ago

The thing is this mod comes with a backup loader built on so its never gonna be legal. As for removing USB thats stupid as poeple wouldn't be able to charge controllers if they have no other USB ports on anything else so won't happen. A simple firmware update will block it dead. Since you need to upate to latest firmware to play online it will kill online play too.

xAlmostPro2978d ago

thats why its legal because it only has the ability to back up from disc.. and if you own the console, harddrive, game, device then they are your and your free to do what you want with them.. which is why they can say its 'legal'

bartender642978d ago

instead of disabling the usb ports, Sony can prevent the usbsticks from booting code and only use them as media managers, kind of like how the xbox 360 used pendrives before the last update you could only play music videos or pictures, but you couldn't copy any file from usbsticks to console. But who knows how this will end...

Noble Spartan2978d ago

Oh yes! The PS3 dark side potentila is unleashed!

I can't wait to run

psx games
ps3 games

and more! going to be awesome. When the dongle going to be available? I am very interested in PS3 now.

but one thing games going to take very long to download!!! 50GB?!

Narutone662978d ago

the PS3 to overtake the 360 and Wii in the number of console sold. Then the 360 fans can't argue sales anymore.

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aceofspades2979d ago

P...A...T...C...H... I...T...

Zinc2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Simply patching it probably won't make it go away. The way they claim the hack works, means... well... a patch would only be a temporary solution, because they can't simply get rid of the debuging aspect of the machine that they are using as the exploit.

If this does what it says it does, in the way it claims, it's not simply going to be patched away. Look at this from an objective standpoint, not from the standpoint that Sony is all powerful and can do anything. I think it's pretty amazing it has been 4 years without a viable hack.

My god, the PS2 was hacked to hell and back and they still sell units and games in other parts of the world to this day.

Thecraft19892979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

its not simple they can only remove the service that the usb puts the ps3 in. they can not remove service mode as Sony use it when repairing your ps3.

the only other way is to disable usb and only let give out power to charge or disable usb to the ps3 gets into the xmb as usb will not work unless you power down the console boot up with it.

Eamon2979d ago

lol aceofspades, software patching isn't like sticking a plaster on a cut. This is programming here. Way out of your league.

Now I'm wondering whether this will turn into a cat and mouse game like xbox 360 and PSP.
They also claim that that the feature used by Sony to force gamers to install new fw from the game has been bypassed. They also claim it's okay to play online just like the PSP.

Guess we'll have to wait and see.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

''Hacks = piracy, piracy = low sales, low sales = less games (or less INVENTIVE games you can always count on CoD... Sigh...) and less games = a boring fucking time.''

Indeed, Xbox 360 and Wii have been hacked years.

Zinc2979d ago

It seems to me that back in the days of DOS or even pre-DOS, piracy was huge. Your argument is false. It is propaganda. Look up the word propaganda and disinformation. Some of you guys put too much stock in sound bites and tag lines. This is why the same dirt-bag politicians get elected. This is why they have marketing campaigns that study the human condition and what motivates us to buy bullshit and think it's sunshine and unicorns.

Sure, people make something, they should be compensated. Everybody understand that. It sucks for some that some others get something for free.

Do you honestly see much innovation going on in the mainstream AAA development community? Do you think piracy is really the main reason for that? Why is it that the DS/GBA are some of the most pirated platforms around, yet they are constantly making money hand over fist? Modern Warfare has sold 20 million copies and it was pirated to hell and back. One of the most pirated games in existence, The Sims series and Spore also some of the biggest sellers in the history of gaming.

Crysis was pirated the shit out of and yet it still sold Millions of copies since it came out in 2007. I could go on and on. This list is never ending.

They are feeding you lies and you eat them up like candy. These hardware companies have created armies of loyalists and yesmen. They have done the things of a politicians wet dream.

Most of the developers out there are owned by one publisher or another... it's all of god damn pyramid scheme. Try supporting the real innovators in the marketplace... But, since those are mainly PC/MAC/Linux developers, you don't even know who I mean, do you?

vhero2978d ago

You post a theory about piracy lowering sales then post 360 in the same comment. Epic Fail.. Piracy has boosted 360 sales soo much and RROD combined with piracy was golden as you couldn't send your broken 360 to MS to be repaired as it was modded.

theEnemy2979d ago

disable all USB Ports.


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GodHandDee2979d ago

No? not that type of jail break? my bad

then sue the dumb *%&%&([email protected] is a good way to go

Capdastaro2979d ago

Get a man from Sony to come round and glue up every USB port on every PS3...

...Already I can see the logistics implications in that, so maybe a quick patch and a system check to like what xbox uses to check for flashed drives and other such mods to crack down on it?

danmachine2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

i don't think this was the biggest news of gamescom... for me it was resistance 3 being officially announced.