IGN Preview: Gamescom: Fighters Uncaged is a Kinect Fight Club

IGN writes: "It was only a matter of time before Microsoft's Kinect got its first fighting game, and Ubisoft's there with the very first offering: Fighters Uncaged, a single-player one-on-one brawler that claims 1:1 control using the Kinect camera for all of its attacks. The game made its debut at Ubisoft's booth behind closed doors in a pre-alpha build, but even in this early form you can see exactly what the development team aims to accomplish in Fighters Uncaged".

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ingiomar3013d ago

Notice how they say ''it was only a matter of time''

That goes for all hardcore games.. its only a matter of time... i hope

ndibu3013d ago

Is the new N4G ready for this? Or will we end up with another discussion marred by fanboys?
OT: here's some of that oft spoken kinect potential trickling in. A sign of good things to come