GameSpot: Little Big Planet 2 Impressions

GameSpot writes: "Little Big Planet 2 has already been comprehensively detailed at previous preview events, but there seems to be plenty left up Media Molecule's metaphorical sleeve. At Gamescom 2010, the developer's technical director Alex Evans demonstrated more of the game's story mode, more of the new building elements, and more of the sequencing tools which can be used to build music loops and even levels".

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BannedForNineYears2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

This is a GOTY contender no doubt.
Evil cupcakes ftw.....

Eh, but at 2:30 sackboy kinda spazzed out ~_~
But it's cool how you can do flips in the air. :D

yogaflame2986d ago

Kinda sad that this game is not given attention that much because of kz3, and gt5 but i hope Sony will do there best to advertise and hype this game because it deserves a lot of sales and a lot of gamers to experience this game.