Gran Turismo 4 Mobile release date 'announced'

Worthy of the title of 'most delayed Sony PlayStation Portable game ever' is Gran Turismo 4 Mobile.

According to the series' creator Kazunori Yamauchi, however ran Turismo 4 Mobile now has a release date - "before the appearance of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on the PlayStation 3."

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hongthay3994d ago

Well, out before GT5 Prologue at least. GT5 Prologue comes out in October; they've already announced that. Before GT5, maybe. But coming out before GT5 Prologue would have to mean that somebody had heard about it already. That would mean sometime in the next 2 months it is coming out. Gotta be a mistake.

MaximusPrime3994d ago

it should be after the release of GT5

pwninator3994d ago

This is what? Two years delayed?

nomuken3994d ago

It will play like crap

Bill Gates3994d ago

By your standards, it will play just like Fortza 2.....AAHAHAAHA

But I highly doubt it cause Polyphony KNOWS how to create a great game.

Keyser3994d ago

That's a pessimistic attitude.

schabeugen043994d ago

We all know this is horse malarkey. this game ain't never coming, it did trick me into buying a psp cause i thought it was going to hook up with gt4, but being honest i doubt we will ever see this game.