Game Room? Lame Room, or Why It Failed

Dave Gardner writes:

"Something wasn’t right. I wasn’t having any fun. The games? They didn’t play like they did on the original consoles. I was freaking out. I was supposed to love the Game Room. It was my past. My destiny. A trip down memory lane and back to the future all in one package. How could anyone screw up an old, simple game so badly?"

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bioshock12213038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Game Room is lame mostly because the games that are available for it suck and the prices for the games are just a rip off. I really don't understand the point of Game Room can they just release those games for Xbox live arcade instead.

Bnet3433037d ago

I already said this from the beginning. Why the hell would Microsoft waste their time with this? No one wants to play 30 year old games in 2010. If they really wanted this to work, what I would have done is let's say, charge a reasonable $15 for Game Room and every old school game that comes out is yours forever. This, pay 80 MS points to play once shit is stupid. I understand they wanted to replicate "the good ole days" in your living room, but it's a piece of poo.

dizzleK3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

As an Atari collector myself I can assure you that plenty of people want to play old games in 2010. I wish they'd put Halo 2600 in there so my cartridge doesn't get dirty. Yes I paid $25 for a new "old" game in 2010.

Elven63037d ago

There are entire gaming conventions the size of E3 or Comic Con dedicated to retro gaming.

I think you are grossly underestimating the market for retro titles. These titles on Game Room are still cheaper than what it cost to play classic titles on XBLA before (400 MP).

Paradise Lost3037d ago

Game rooms Games suck Period and aren't even worth buying since all those games are available on game sites lmao.

Tron_Rocks3037d ago

I am a AVID Xbox Live Fan and I love retro games but this is what did not like about it.

First and foremost games that I have bought and paid for on Xbox Live did not carry over to the gameroom, they actually want me to purchase the game TWICE!

The layout and feel and price for games in general is way too much.

They could have made it simple.
You load the program and you are in an arcade. Walk Around as you would in an arcade with your avatar and interact will all the games at once. Give more of I just visited a virtual arcade feeling.
Great Idea, bad implementation and price gouging.

whitesoxfalife3037d ago

yes lame as hell.. when game room was announce i was geek as hell but when i download that shit i was pissed as hell only 80 gamerscore off it tho cuz im didnt buy none of them stupid ass games they tried to sell for them high as price what 240 last i check bullshit

Strikepackage Bravo3037d ago

dude wtf did you just say?

What are you illiterate? How can someone write so bad and not realize it???

Gameroom failed because no one knew about it or how to access it, also because it was never hyped in the media the way it would have been had it been on PSN. No matter how stupid an idea it is (PSN+) (HOME) if its on PS3 its hyped to no end by fanboys and media, if its on 360, it fails unless MS promotes it, and they didn't.

yewles13037d ago


darkdoom30003037d ago

Hmm... So more people accessing it would have made it better? Considering theres no multiplayer that reasoning does not stand.

Bnet3433037d ago

Hmm ... you bring up a good point. This is the case for Indie Games on Xbox Live as well. Microsoft does not give it exposure, leaving people clueless about it. Still, Game Room was lame.

Godmars2903037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

This about XBL? Wouldn't it be as hard to find as putting it on the XMB? Much like PS+ is the first option when you go on PSN. With the Home icon, weather its installed or not, right beneath the PSN icon on the XMB.

The things a money suck that offers version of Atari 2600 games when most should be actual remakes of the original arcade titles.

orange-skittle3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Even though I didnt agree with everything Strikepackage said, he was right about a few things.

#1-Soxfan is illiterate and cant write for shit

#2-Microsoft didnt promote it. Even how they implemented it was dumb. The games even took too long to come out. You should at least have game machines for the arcade games you already downloaded. Having the pay to play feature is shitty. HOME could've done a better job with this in my opinion even though I hate HOME. GameRoom seems like more of a social network and would be better in HOME's setting

Godmars2903037d ago

No one remembers the Namco arcade thing they did for Home? Had/has titles like Pacman and Galaxa as well as old and new version of Xevious offering prises from Home clothes to cabinets well before MS "thought" of the idea.

Of course support for it pretty much dried up for it. Guess its also all but dead.

goalweiser3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Okay so Microsoft didn't promote it? Whose fault is that?

Sony barely promotes their games yet they still sell well. When is the last time you saw a commercial about HOME?

This is the biggest thing that bothers me. People always tell me how great Xbox Live is. I have the console and Xbox Live. I don't see it. It's so cluttered you guys probably couldn't find it.

That's not is fact. Going through all those menus to find what I want takes longer than necessary. Here's hoping the Kinect dashboard brings about some reorganization.

The XMB is simple and easy to navigate. Finding PlayStation HOME is simple. HOME itself could use a lot of work.

Microsoft has run out of gaming ideas for Xbox LIVE I'm afraid and I don't think I'll be subscribing on an annual basis ever again because there's cheaper alternatives. See PC / PS3 / Wii.

I do think Game Room could have worked alot better on Windows Phone 7 devices though. Who knows? That may be in the works. Make sure you guys let Microsoft know this stuff is too expensive. They might listen. Sony does.

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