Move 'Next Gen Of FPS Controls' - Dev

NowGamer: Heroes on the Move developer Harley Baldwin White-Wiedow has described PlayStation Move as "the next generation of shooter controls"...

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xYLeinen3013d ago

Bold statement. I have NO idea how Move will work with fps at this point and I have also no idea this will be compared to a Dualshock 3 controller. By that I mean, can you get as good with Move as with a Dualshock 3 controller on multiplayer?

I'm definitely buying Move tho. Sure the Wii got somewhat the same technology but I got a PS3, therefor Move >_>

Fishy Fingers3013d ago

Killzone 3 Move demo

Or watch any Socom footage, 3rd/1st person shooters essentially play in the same way (control wise).

GreenRingOfLife3013d ago

If this type of motion control is the next gen of FPS controls then how come there are barely any FPS on the Wii

TotalPS3Fanboy3013d ago

Because Wii is not accurate.

rroded3013d ago

def has the potential to make teh ol dualshock seem like a disadvantage.
tho till i have one in my hands ta try...

MiloGarret3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

What a joke, unless you absolutely suck at shooters, there is no way you'll maintain your level if you opt for Move, despite the crazy aim-assist which was used for the KZ3 demo.

I'm sorry, but you have to be delusional to believe otherwise.

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IneedWeed3013d ago

Think it'll work good. I'm thinkin of getting the gun add-on so it feels like I'm aiming it with a handgun. This works similar to the Wii, but better. The Wii you have to hold it at some angle or position in order for it to work good. PS Move feels a lot more natural. Can't wait for KZ3, RE5, Socom 4, Dead Space 2, and others.

aceofspades3013d ago

it could work, im confident in the move.

NegativeCreepWA3013d ago

As left handed gamer that doesn't play with south paw settings, I don't think I'll be able to get into shooters with move I'm too familiar to using my left thumb for moving. I'll be using it for other types of games.

sinncross3013d ago

Aren't default setting for FPS/ TPS with the player using their left thumb for movement?

Anyways, all you have to do is swap the move and nav controller to the other hand... simple really.

NegativeCreepWA3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Really!! Maybe you should read a little more carefully. I play games like a right handed person so I use my left thumb to move, but if I use a move controller I need to also use the move wand in my left hand. So if I have the move wand in my left hand where does that put the nav? (wait for it) MY RIGHT HAND.

So playing shooters with move in my case goes against years of playing games using my left hand for moving in games. I have the same problem while playing wii games like Mario Galaxy.

I played games south paw like some left handed gamers, it wouldn't be a problem.

Dramscus3013d ago

Before I was just planning to get move pretty soon after release. Around the time scom killzone and sorcery were al out.
Now with mag getting it it's a day one purchase.

outlawlife3013d ago

not all of us really want motion controls, personally I have no real interest in them because most of the time when I game I'm tired and feeling like I want to relax

flailing my arms around doesn't really appeal to me, same reason why I don't have a wii or buying kinect

i don't want it

jneul3013d ago

have you watched the videos for socom 4, killzone 3 for move controls, they barely even move their arms, hell you can even play it sitting down,,,,

HowarthsNJ3013d ago

How much do you flail using a flashlight/torch?

Playing a FPS should be no more than wrist tilts.

outlawlife3013d ago

i'm saying in general, all 3 controls require vastly different ranges of fully depends on the game

some you need to flail, others you can get away with a tilt

but then the question comes into play, if you can do it by barely moving then what is the point of it being motion enabled?

I just think it is a tacky fad and not really a desirable accessory to me, others may have a differing opinion but that is mine

3013d ago
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