Red Faction Armageddon "blows the whole world out"

THQ's Executive Vice President Danny Bilson talks up the Red Faction universe in the latest dev diary, including the new game Armageddon, the downloadable game for PC/PSN/Xbox Live, the television series on SyFy, and a bunch of webisodes leading up to the launch. Red Faction: Armageddon is "the center of the universe" with all of the trans-media marketing to support that universe.

When talking about the improvements in Armageddon over Red Faction: Guerrilla, he stated "We polished everything".

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Cookigaki3041d ago

This game looks very awesome!

Kingdom Come3041d ago

Looking forward to seeing some above ground gameplay, so far we have only been given glimpses also can't wait to see what is being done with the Multiplayer, Red Faction Guerrilla's was brilliant fun.

nedensmelly3041d ago

I'm looking forward to the multiplayer as well. And the co-op downloadable game I keep hearing about. Just blowing everything up in general, hell yeah!

Twizlex3041d ago

Am I the only one who thinks this story title is just a step away from sexual innuendo?