YouTube & email support coming to Xbox 360?

If information released by Microsoft today is anything to go by, Xbox 360 may soon include support for YouTube and email functionality.

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MaximusPrime3010d ago

do you have to be gold member? if so, use your PC or PS3 for free.

Montoya3010d ago

Anything that`s worth while requires a gold membership.

theKiller3010d ago

something the superior service PSN had it for many years for free!!!

Blacktric3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

PSN or PS3? Oh do I have to remind you that you can't fully utilize YouTube on PS3's Web Browser? You can't watch videos in 480P or above. You can only watch them in 360P. If Microsoft adds this then this will give them a little edge over PS3 in terms of services. If, it'll have HD support.

Edit: Read the article. It might be a mini ingame support rather than a full Dashboard one.


I can already watch YouTube on my TiVo HD, PS3, iPod Touch, Android phone and PC.

WildArmed3010d ago

honestly, i dont see what MS can do with their Live service than add more features (that may or may not be used).

MS has nearly (if not all) gaming features that you'd want from your online service.. so I guess now MS is just adding in stuff that no one really asks for, but is a welcome addition.

To me, this additions are pointless, but I dont see anything they can add anymore to Live.. So this is actually a good thing that MS is willing to add stuff to their service even though 90% of the Gold members are content with the current service

Conloles3010d ago

Who honestly would need email on 360?

zeeshan3010d ago

Stop with the lame features M$ and give me more games, more exclusives damn it!

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0mega43010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

with xbox focused on kinect

and hand gestures for my multimedia functions

and not where i believe they should
which is securing exclusive for there core audience

i cant justify paying for live anymore no matter what "free" stuff they add to live

Montoya3010d ago Show
DSI3010d ago

How did I know that this article was going to get bombarded with a bunch of PS3 FANBOY FUD.

Nothing good can be said about the 360 without a bunch of BS about what's free what's not, what PSN has, blah blah blah.

So annoying.

HarryEtTubMan3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

lol the difference is on 360 it will be a nice service that runs smoothly and not running choppy youtube through PS3's ghetto web browser which freezes every other video. You pay for the quality(XBL), and you can tell using Youtube, Facebook or anything else on PS3 should be free, you couldn't charge for that garbage.

dgroundwater3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Harry is kind of right. The PS3 browser is flaky at times, and usually feels like a waste of time when there's a PC nearby.

Whenever Live adds a feature like Facebook or Youtube, you can be sure it will actually be integrated with useful tools for console use.

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gamerzBEreal173010d ago

if your reading this you have a browser why would you want email/youtube support?

edhe3010d ago

Because i'm at work?

I don't really get to get on my 360 at work.

Kurt Russell3010d ago

I don't have a PC at home - so it'll get some use on my xbox.

Shepherd 2143009d ago

there isnt much to complain about, but load times or the PSN's browser are a bit slower than my computer, and like Blacktric stated, youtube's videos can only be viewed in 360p on PSN as well.

But just like PSN, being able to check Yahoo email and having Youtube on your 360 wouldnt be a bad thing though, all it would do is just give the $50 a year more bang for your buck.

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PirateThom3010d ago

Youtube... owned by Google.


Godmars2903010d ago

And yet Sony was dealing with XBL over video content before PSN. Who knows?

And yeah, Maximus, expect it to be Gold-only.

Nitrowolf23010d ago

yeah i was thinking the same thing, MS and google are in competition of each other (bing Vs. Google, but then again they might have agreed to this since it is just console and this means more for google

dragonelite3010d ago

Google likes the ads money they can get from 360 or ps 3 viewers.

Optical_Matrix3010d ago

Rumor is I haven't been even been doing this on my PC and PS3 for free since the dawn of time....

IneedWeed3010d ago

Yup you can even go on Sidereel or and watch all episodes/series/movies on Megavideos(good quality) for free. Don't think anyone really uses that other than me. PS3 blew my mind when I found out how ez it was to play those videos. Can't forget you can also watch on it lol.

ambientFLIER3010d ago

"Rumor is I haven't been even been doing this on my PC and PS3 for free since the dawn of time...."

Good for you??

yewles13010d ago

And 360 fanboys want to talk about PS3 playing catch up...

BTW, my money's on needing Gold for this.

creatchee3010d ago

Sure, you can access YouTube and web-based email through your PS3 browser, but there certainly isn't a standalone app for either on the platform. To call it catch up is misleading.

This is a cool feature whatever the case may be.

Chuk_Chuk3010d ago

Youtube has a specially dedicated layout for those that access it through the Ps3.

Tony-A3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

That must be why there's a dedicated YouTube recording & uploading feature for the PS3? PAIN, PixelJunk, Just Cause, etc. They all use it. They ask if you want to save it to the HDD or upload to YouTube (they even include the YouTube logo design).

On top of that, they have a special YouTube page for easier viewing on the PS3 Browser and an editing tool that allows you to edit and upload vids straight to YouTube.

Oh, and the PS3 & PSP have special "Internet Search" tools powered by... you guessed it... Google.

All of that just happens to be YouTube compatible...

BDSE3010d ago

Why would you need a standalone app when you have a fully functioning web-browser?

T9X693010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

There are certain areas in which the PSN needs to catch up with XBL, and certain areas XBL needs to catch up with PSN. It goes both ways, there just isn't as many articles for 360 getting features PS3 already has, so when an articles does pop up like this, its easy for you to make that claim because it doesn't happen often.

thebudgetgamer3010d ago

i cant speak for others, but i love the fact that i get two completely different experiences from my two major gaming platforms.

i would never want them to be too similar. thats why i bought both.

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edhe3010d ago

There's a difference between playing catchup and having a shitty little browser effort that's an excuse to proper support.

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Apotheosize3010d ago

even the Wii has a browser

MaximusPrime3010d ago


i personally want to see some improvement to youtube on PS3. quality, speed and a removal of XL page. IMO

but youtube is everywhere now not just PC. good job that its coming xbox 360. gamers love to have it.

yewles13010d ago

There's actually a dirty little secret you should know about...

Hush, hush...