Pokemon Trainer enters Smash Bros. Brawl

In a change from the traditional Smash Bros. formula, our generic Pokémon Trainer doesn't get involved with the fighting directly. Instead he sends out his captured critters to do the dirty work for him, that way keeping his attire in perfect condition so that he doesn't have to wash for a week - maybe?

A trio of Pokémon at this disposal doesn't mean three lots of energy, though. Instead, their life is combined. Balancing the abilities of your Pokémon is critical, we'd imagine, especially timing when to bring one in for a rest and sending another out.

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cloud3603849d ago

Pokemon is for nerds, end of story

Marona3849d ago

Where did you grow up? Under a rock, a cave or just neevr seen daylight before?

KnowitAll3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Wow this deserves a quote
gee, Holy feeling, of unkwnon pleasure!Batgirl!
its so insane I'm going to give it two quotes
Silly Wabbit, this game is for wii!!

I wonder thier attacks thou, Its going to be really interesting! I know this game will sell 1 million just to all the pokemon fans. I wonder if thier going to realease other pokemon trainers with differnet pokemons. Misty and Brook with thier pokemon

jinn3849d ago

they need to stop putting all these old pokemon that we've seen a thousand times, it's they put only legendaries to make the fun. and this whole switching pokemon seems like a bad idea. trust me.

ChickeyCantor3849d ago

Trust you?

if someone is buying this game its either for the great gameplay or because its a collab of so many characters of nintendo.

This game brings back allot of oldschool with it, and there have been new pokemon shown too.
This is just a character, its not all the pokemons will be used for this.

MACHone3849d ago

Blah, cool idea for a new character, worse decision ever to call him "Pokemon Trainer." Would it have killed someone to actually make it Ash Ketchum instead of a bland no-namer? It kinda doesn't make sense to create a game like Brawl where you can "play as your favorite Nintendo character" and then make this one of the characters; honestly, who has EVER said, "My favorite Nintendo character is Pokemon Trainer boy."

Rooftrellen3848d ago

It's probably an unnamed trainer because Pokemon allows you to play as yourself. I would guess this trainer is probably actually you. Color change probably turns him female for some of them, as well.

djt233847d ago

thank you
in pokeman blue red sliver gold and rest of the Pokemon game you play as yourself not ash
so they have to name him Pokémon Trainer it will be cool if you could add your name to the slot
My favorite Nintendo character is Pokemon Trainer is bug catcher

Rooftrellen3847d ago

The names will be back, and, actually, also used for control style, most likely among other things. No doubt those little 4 letters will still be with that arrow pointing at you.

Though online play, I doubt you'll get to use that. 4 letters is just one too long to avoid most of the immature people of the world...and we know how Nintendo feels about that.

djt233847d ago

i really like the idea and you get to which pokemon