Gran Turismo 5 Karting Videos, 18-Megapixel Screenshots

GTPlanet: "A high-res look at some of GT5’s most interesting new vehicles."

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MaximusPrime3015d ago

look at how fast those karts went. looks like replay going to be great too

pwnzter3015d ago

Guess I'm gonna pre-order again. This game has so much content it's not even funny. Wait, it is. You know why? Because it's only on one blu ray disc. Imagine how many dvds it would have taken lol.

Any who, can't wait!

Perjoss3015d ago

I've been karting quite a lot so this really appeals to me, looks really fun. Do you think they might patch it in future to enable banana peel drops on the track? :D

morkendo3015d ago

SUCK!!!!! sec. driver paided more attention behind him than the road in front. PD plz!!! put someone who can drive in ur next vid PLZ!!!

spunnups3015d ago

Correct me if I'm we have

Karts, Off-Road, Nascar, and Circuit Racing?

Close to 1,000 Cars, 70 Tracks, Night Racing, Replays, 16 player online....

Seriously, how the #%^$ is this going to fit on One Blu-Ray?

xYLeinen3015d ago

You forgot track creation >_>

Shadow Flare3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

if anyone wants to know why next gen consoles need bluray, not dvd, Gran Turismo 5 is your answer. If this were on dvd, it would be spread over like 3 discs, probably had content slashed. But GT5 is all on 1 bluray disc. No compromise. When the cell processor and bluray were included in the ps3, it was with the aim of making the best games possible with no limitations. Games like GT5 that absolutely NEED bluray and the cell. Thanks sony for giving gamers the best gaming experience

blasian3015d ago

If PD says they have completely filled the BD I will not hesitate believing them. Think MSG4 was the only other game to feel the BD? Not sure but that would be an accomplishment.

number473015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

I mean you could make posters from Gt4 stuff, but now it will be incredible.

GT5 really is the closest thing to owning a great stable of cars, and its only 60.00

the karting is a great addition. Seeing as how its how you learn the basics of controling a car by feeling it.

ambientFLIER3015d ago

What do replays, track creation, time of day, or the number of online players have to do with storage capacity?

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Omega Zues3015d ago

Just made Karts awesome.

S_C3015d ago

Anybody know how many tracks there are going to be for the karts?

tynam3015d ago

70 unique tracks, plus custom tracks

S_C3014d ago

So we will be able to use all the tracks in the game for karting ?

tynam3012d ago

yeaj, i dont see y not, its not like there is a karting mode, its just another vehicle to choose from

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The story is too old to be commented.