The Fight: Lights Out Playstation Move Fail

Check out this video shot at this years GamesCom, showing The Fight: Lights Out failing miserably to respond with Playstation Move

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8-bit3010d ago

From what I have seen of this game, it is total garbage.. It plays as bad as a kinect game and that is why I don't plan on buying it either

Cevapi883010d ago

i have to admit it didnt look good...but the guy playing has no clue how to swing....its like he's swimming in air...probably has no clue what a jab is or an upper it that hard to keep your arms close to your body


but when you got a fighting game on your hands though its hard not to get involved right? i mean when he does the hands over the head for a slam thing, the avatar just stands there covering up.

Cevapi883010d ago

idk what it is....but its probably a combination of the game not working properly and the guy just swinging away trying to hit anything on screen....seriously the majority of the time he just spent swinging his arms as wide as he could...if you look at the guy next to him, at least he knew some sort of technique to keep his arms close to his body and swing when he needed to

TotalPS3Fanboy3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

That was from an old early build.

The new build, the one at GamesCon, have already ditched the pre-canned animations in favor of 1:1 motions.

"[TSA] The one-to-one mapping looks pretty tight.

[KG] It is. As I say, it’s down to millimeters, and with our calibration process we detect the length of each player’s arms. It’s not going to work if some guy who’s six foot passes it to someone who’s four foot. It’s not going to work. So, we calibrate between every fight – your character’s arms are the same length as your own arms. If you have a long reach you can use it to your advantage. If you have a powerful swing you can use that to your advantage. The technology in Move, there’s a magnetometer and a gyroscope so it detects force as well as where it is in 3D space. If you throw a light punch, the character will throw a light punch. If you throw a heavy punch – and it hits – the enemy is going to know about it."

"We’ve got millimeter detections. Now, if you even turn your hands it’s going to pick it up. And we’ve got it to the point that, depending on how good a puncher you are, it determines how much damage you’re going to do. If you just hold your hands straight and just throw them forward, you’re really not going to do much damage. As soon as someone throws a proper punch, however …"

ActionBastard3010d ago

Good link, thanks. Reading the 1:1, force detection, reach detection, etc...I may have to pick this thing up.

MisterNiwa3010d ago

I have played this game today, and it sucked, sorry.

I had hopes for this game, but It didnt even let me strike, somehow I was too short, and I am in average german size, so this cant be the case at all.

Army_of_Darkness3010d ago

Anyhow... Who the F#@K fights like that?!?! OMG man?! It's quite obvious the move is waaaaay to hardcore for this guy! LOL! stick to the wii bro!

LetsTorque3010d ago

Oh wow... that doesn't look good. Well when I played the game in Birmingham at PLAYSTATION Beta Rooms, it wasn't 1:1 but recognised every punch, elbow and head movement I made properly and was so enjoyable that I put it on my "might buy" list. It may be because I used to kickbox, why it recognised my punches properly.... because this guy.... WOW.. I would be embarrassed of myself if I threw punches like that.

Bigpappy3010d ago

That game never worked. The whole thing was a bad idea. I think what happen here is that with this fight game you have to stay in the same position (just move your hands and head). There was a demo where one of the developers was coaching a girl on how to play. Let me find it.

Here watch:

DSI3009d ago

Nice find.

Also notice how the SDF quickly came up with some BS and got that article failed and removed.

Talking about turning a blind eye.

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Pennywise3010d ago

What about the Joystiq article yesterday that was praising this game? The game is only 60% done... Can we judge pre-alphas?

I know it takes guts to show off a game that early in build...

Sev3010d ago

I've played the game myself and it's one of my favorite Move games on the horizon.

The douche in this video is flailing his arms around like a moron. Surely you can't expect the Move to translate moron into the game. (Not talking to you Penny)

When I threw realistic, timed punches, the game performed 1:1.

I think this moron set out to try and give this game a bad name by flailing his arms around like a bafoon.

This will happen with any Move game if you just swing your arms around rapidly.

After watching the video, I though the Move kept up pretty well with this idiot who was obviously doing that purposely to throw it off.

Nathaniel_Drake3010d ago


Maybe he thought he was playing Wii boxing?

himdeel3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago ) really really lame. Did he forget to calibrate the game for movement or something? He just looked foolish swing swing swing swing swing swing swing...leads me to believe he's never been in a fight...with a real live person. Either way this looked really lame. Did I mention that already?!

KillerBBs3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Some people are way to sensitive. Thanks for blocking my post. ANYWAY This motion crap is still TERRIBLE. Hey lets all jump on the Wii band wagon. Are game developers clueless or in a for a rude awaking.

PS: Lets take off the gloves and kick the PTA outa N4G please.

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Blitzed3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

All I saw was some idiot swinging wildly. Its ineffective in a real fight so it's not surprising it wasn't effective here ethier. It was the equivalent of button mashing.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3010d ago

The fight is my most anticipated Move title this year. The online fight wagers makes it worth the 40 bucks. Let alone it'll run at 60fps and the lag will be down to a frame by launch. games gonna be a beast.

karl3010d ago

that was plain stupid

this game doesnt do 1:1 tracking

its gesture based... the guy cant punch.. so the game wont fucking know what he wants to do

gamerzBEreal173010d ago

the battierys are probably about to die theres tons of great and accurate footage of this on youtube

gluv653010d ago

Things one must consider when watching this video. You can not play this game properly if you don't calibrate it for your height and wing span. In other words your 4'11 friend can not pass the controllers to you and you are 6 foot. You must calibrate it to fit your wing span. Because the game is 1:1 and not gesture based anymore. This game plays much better than what is being shown.

otherZinc3010d ago

And people are going to buy this? Whatever!

East_Coast3010d ago

Yeah this reflects more on the player than it does Move. What I can't figure out is why he continues to swing when he knows it's not doing anything.

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jaredhart3010d ago

Not very impressive. Kinda a letdown.


yea this was bound to happen. Fighting games BELONG with a CONTROLLER!!

Tony-A3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Not my cup of tea, either. I wish it worked, but it barely does from what I've seen. I have heard that some major improvements have been done (GDC was A LOT worse than at E3), but I'm not convinced until I get my hands on it.

@Wildarm - Yeah. I wasn't referring to the seemingly non-existent video. Just past views. I don't know what the guys above me are seeing. Could be past views, too.

Anyways, it's shaping up. It's not a launch title, so who knows what it'll be like when it hits stores.

EDIT: WTF? It looks to be working better than at E3. Where's the fail?? It's actually doing much better than I've seen before.... HEADLINE FAIL

aceofspades3010d ago

they need 2 fix it before release

Wildarmsjecht3010d ago

relating to the video that is being spoken about in this article...except, the link leads to NOWHERE.


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