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Recently at Gamescom 2010, BioWare announced that hit RPG Mass Effect 2 would be releasing on the PlayStation 3 sometime this January. ME2 is just of several lost 360 exclusives recently and many fans have expressed that consumer trust in Microsoft must be waning in light of these announcements and that the Xbox 360 could be in trouble.

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NYC_Gamer3042d ago

well long as games are 3rd party expect them to be shared

Al Bundy3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )


Besides Gears 3, what other exclusives does MS have for next year? Sony already announced Socom 4, Infamous 2, Killzone 3, The Last Guardian, Resistance 3, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, MLB 11: The Show, Motorstorm: Apocalypse, and Twisted Metal all for next year. MS had better get there act together. Paid 1 month timed exclusive multi platform DLC map packs are no match for all of those true PS3 exclusives.

SOAD3042d ago

Crytek's Kingdoms, I think. But I don't know if that's due next year or in 2012.

Focker-4203042d ago

Exactly the point, one game you know nothing about. Thats what I call a stellar line-up.

:rolls eyes:

SOAD3042d ago


You're right but why didn't you say this to the PS3 fans who listed AGENT in their long lists of games they have to look forward to on the PS3?

Not knowing about the game doesn't mean you can't be excited for it.

I'm excited about Bungie's next game but I have no idea what it's about.

Crytek is known for making pretty good games that are visually appealing. I'm excited to see what Kingdoms is and what it looks like.

When team ICO announced The Last Guardian, nobody knew what it was about, either, yet people were excited because Team ICO makes excellent games.

Microsoft's lineup is very thin, but I'm still excited to see what unfolds.

Focker-4203042d ago

I know what you mean. And I agree with you.

The only difference is that there are a ton of announced and previewed games coming out for PS3. Enough games to fill up all of 2011. We've seen gameplay and we know alot about them.

After Gears 3 the 360 doesn't have any titles that we know anything about. Theres a major gap in the 360's line-up as of right now. And it may change in the next few months, who knows. But right now they have nothing to show for the future.

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aceofspades3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

There in a world of sh*t.

0mega43042d ago

has to shift there focus off
of kinect and motion gestures for my multimedia functions

and to securing exclusives and third party developers

you don't want to lose your core audience at the end of your products lifetime

Natsu X FairyTail3042d ago

Xbox will still sell. But It'S in trouble in the Game Department.

MariaHelFutura3042d ago

If Kinect doesn`t go well for MS, it could be a rough ride for the tail end of this gen. Since they have almost NO 1st party and not much that`s not for Kinect on the horizon. They have kinda put themselves in a wierd posistion.

playstation_clan3042d ago

xbox is not a game console its just for online, lol.
remember 2006-7, ps3 is just a blu-ray player, my how times have changed

Optical_Matrix3042d ago

Selling wise. Probably not. Games wise, which is what should matter, it's in deep trouble. Deep, deep trouble. Microsoft is too new the industry. They should have spent this gen building up first party studio's then buying up timed exclusive DLC/multiplats next gen. They kind of jumped the gun a bit and the lackluster future line up of 360 exclusive games shows this.

Xander7563042d ago

I kind of agree that Microsoft's newness to the gaming industry has hurt them. Sony knew what they were doing all along and Microsoft just kept gloating about early success rather than continuing it.

0mega43042d ago

they need to shift focus off of kinects
hand gestures for multimedia functions

and back to there core audience

and secure some good exclusives
& third party development companies

dizzleK3042d ago

Average consumers don't care, we do because we're outside the norm. Most average people don't know about exclusives and the like, all they see is games they want to play. I worked at Gamestop for 3 years, in my time there I think I met one customer who used the term exclusive and that was it. Fanboys and whatnot simply don't exist in the real world.

All it is is a fanboy pissing contest due to the anonymity sites like this offer. In real life I think most people genuinely wouldn't care that ME2 is on ps3 and are happy that more people can enjoy it. Despite cries to the contrary I think most 1 console owners don't feel like they're "missing out" and are genuinely happy with their console.

A tad off topic but I had to vent.

Xander7563042d ago

Well I think exclusives do matter to people when they decide which console to buy. For example people say "I can't play Halo on PS3? Guess I'll buy a 360" or "What? Metal Gear is only on PS3? Guess I'll have to get that!"

LOSING an exclusive later on really doesn't factor as much into it as does having it originally.

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