Gamescom: Ubisoft's Michael Jackson Game Uses Kinect

IGN: Ubisoft first announced a Michael Jackson game back at E3 of this year, though at the time the company would only say that it would be a multiplatform game. Now we have the first details on the Xbox 360 iteration, courtesy of a fact sheet sent out by Ubisoft. Called Michael Jackson: The Experience, the game will use Kinect and is due out on November 18, shortly after the launch of the motion sensing camera for Xbox 360.

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if michael jackson were still alive this game would not be around ;)

120FPS3037d ago

If Michael Jackson was around he would still be thought of as the weird peado so your right, no one would have endorsed the game, except maybe milo :)

k-Lan3037d ago

Imma practice my moonwalk. lol!

outrageous3037d ago

Ubisoft is really pushing forward with Kinect. I hope to see a RPG/action TPS type of game utilizing Kinect like motion controlling. I suspect Ubisoft will be the first one out the door. If Kinect goes big in sales, Ubisoft will make a killing. Great list of songs...I bet Thriller will be part of the first a cost of course.

Peter Molyneux and Lionhead have also made some great Kinect breakthroughs recently that I hope will make it into a game soon. Fable would be a great Kinect game and IMO very doable on Kinect.