GameRevolution: The Sims Medieval Preview

GameRevolution writes: "Turning the Sims universe on its head, The Sims Medieval casts you peasants into the godly directorial role of transforming a lowly plot of land in the Middle Ages into a legendary kingdom of might and lore. Rather than controlling a single Sim from birth into adulthood, you are in charge of a full court of Sims who must forthwith work in tandem to make their kingdom worthy enough to be mentioned future encyclopedia entries to be read by thy Sims' progeny".

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Sirhc923010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Yeah, I just found out about the 2011 future release date for The Sims: Medieval and me & my wife LOVE IT!!! I mean, we both love the freaking Sims series, especially my wife & I think that taking a step WAAAY back into time will just be something new and fresh that no one has done before; especially not the "sim" way! It's gonna be epic! I can't wait!

But one thing that does cross my mind & is a big lumbering question is: Will this game have violence in it or blood or something? Because in the medieval times, there was constant blood shed, battles, and lots of war & destruction. I wonder if this Sims game will finally shed it's "E" rating and maybe move up the ladder a bit to more "mature" themes? Me personally, I would love it!