The Top Ten Co-op Hack ‘n Slashers of All Time

"The industry has heard the demands of the people! We are entering a new cooperative play renaissance! At least that’s how it seems. All we can hope is that when developers try to woo us with sonnets involving multiplayer scenarios and full co-op campaigns, they look to the best of what the past has to offer. So we’ve decided to help them out."

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Caspel3009d ago

not a traditional hack and slash title.

Focker-4203009d ago

Not co-op, read the title.

TomFG3009d ago

Love a bit of hacknslash in the morning.

athmaus3009d ago

nice list! thx for the article

ITLoo3009d ago

Great list. I was ready to yell at you if you didn't put Castle Crashers on there, but you did.

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The story is too old to be commented.