Enslaved: Odyssey to the West preview - GameZone

"Enslaved mixes combat with puzzle-solving and exploration while letting the player control two protagonists throughout the adventure."

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Caspel2804d ago

Namco Bandai is in dire need of a hit.

TomFG2804d ago

This one looks pretty interesting, especially since it was written by Alex Garland (28 Days Later, The Beach, Sunshine) and directed by Andy Serkis (Gollum himself! The MoCap master.)

Azule612804d ago

I am actually very interested in this game. It looks like it would have a very unique story to it. However, I'll wait for the reviews, when it comes out :)

athmaus2804d ago

thx for the preview...loooks interesting

rezznik2804d ago

Hmmmmm.....sounds interesting, although I'll wait until a formal review is out.

barefootgamer2804d ago

Exactly what I was thinking!

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