The potential of Sony

Some interesting thoughts about what might be coming from Sony.

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aceofspades3011d ago

interesting read, im really excited about all of the exclusive content sony is offering gamers and i think sony put alot of effort in obtaining this goal and achieving it. the potential for massive amounts of exclusive content is there, and i believe that will be just one more thing sony will thrive in.

a08andan3011d ago

Ye they are really pushing it, it is what this industry needs! :) But Microsoft is also doing their part and the competition between those two companies is very good for us gamers :)

xYLeinen3011d ago

idd. People can throw as much hate they want towards both Sony and Microsoft, but in the end they both are doing great things and the competition couldn't be stronger. Both consoles got a big audience and it seems they are fully supportive of their consoles.

ForzaGT3011d ago

exclusives are what sony has established with the ps3 this generation, they just need to keep up the quality of game made and good (casual/hardcore) balanced support for move

Sevir043011d ago

they keep delivering new experiences everytime. I cant wait!!!

TheLastGuardian3011d ago

I was wondering if there would be splitscreen games in 3d. I wonder if they can have one side 3d and the other side 2d for those who only have 1 pair of 3d glasses. I wish he would explain wtf he was talking about when he said we would be able to play 2 games at once, that sounds amazing.

techpinger3010d ago

for 3d the scren flickers two images blocking one eye each time, for this rather than 2 slightly different images for 3d it would alternate flashing each players screen with the glasses totally blocking the opposing players screen. this way each player gets to see their game fullscreen and cant cheat looking at the others.

i doubt it can do 3d since it would require the ps3 to spit out 4 images, though the glasses would still be required

milohighclub3010d ago

because sony have realized that they can send different images to different peoples eyes allowing them to see completely different things, in theory if they build a console that can run 2 games at a time, then they could be played on the same screen without loss of image for either player. i was thinking this at work when i read about them filing the patent, its genious and means that wearing the glasses would be more beneficial than 3d without.

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